Trial Mode - Stages 11 to 20

Tips on how to complete each of the Stages and a list of the items that can be picked up from treasure chests or stolen from the enemies. Note that you need to have Diamond Armlet equipped in order to obtain the treasure listed. Opening the treasure chest without a Diamond Armlet will result in you receiving consumable and expendable items.

Stage 11
Battle against Croakadile during Trial Mode Stage 11

The Croakadile is weak to Fire Magick and will absorb Aqua Magick. You can summon Belias to make this battle easier but it does not require any special tactics.

Stolen from Croakadile:
- Common: Fiery Arrows
- Uncommon: Long Bolts
- Rare: Aqua Shot

Treasure Chests:
- Leather Headgear
- Immobilize

Stage 12
Jelly (x8)
Battle against Jellies during Trial Mode Stage 12

This battle is similar to the battles against the Jelly enemies in the Henne Mines. Make sure that your party enters the battle prepared.

You can make an optional enemy named Melt appear by defeating 5 Jelly enemies and then standing in front of the switch near the wall. Note that you cannot defeat the remaining Jellys before trying to make Melt appear.

Stolen from Melt:
- Common: Golden Armor
- Uncommon: Shielded Armor
- Rare: Shell Shield

Treasure Chests:
- Charge
- Bronze Chestplate

Stage 13
Battle against Tiamat during Trial Mode Stage 13

This battle is also similar to the boss battle in the Henne Mines. Tiamat will use Disablega from time to time, so you may want to equip your party members with a Black Belt accessory. You should also have Esuna ready to go. Tiamat is weak to Earth-elemental spells but will absorb Aero and Aeroga Magick.

Stolen from Tiamat:
- Assassin’s Dagger

Treasure Chests:
- Dark
- Topkapi Hat

Stage 14
Panther (x5)
Battle against Panthers during Trial Mode Stage 14

This battle is against the Panther enemies that are found in the Golmore Jungle. The only thing to watch out for is the Stona spell. There is no additional strategy beyond that.

Treasure Chests:
- Kilimweave Shirt
- Long Bolts

Stage 15
Elder Wyrm
Battle against Elder Wyrm during Trial Mode - Stage 15

This battle against the Elder Wyrm is similar to the battle in Golmore Jungle, during the second visit after you had reached Eruyt Village. Elder Wyrm can inflict a number of status effects using its Sporefall attack which can cause the Confuse, Oil, Poison and Blind status effects. Some of its other moves can inflict Slow, Sleep and Silence.

Make sure that you have Gambits in place to deal with status effects – have Handkerchiefs, Remedies and an Esuna Gambit ready to go. You can also equip items, such as Ribbons, Rose Corsages, etc. to deal with them.

You can make two optional Treant enemies appears.

Stolen from Elder Wyrm:
- Shell Shield

Stolen from Treant:
- Gillie Boots

Treasure Chests:
- Silent Shot
- Sallet

Stage 16
Battle against Mateus during Trial Mode Stage 16

This boss battle is similar to the battle against Mateus in the Stilshrine of Miriam. Cast Protect, Shell and Haste on your party members – Shell will reduce the amount of damage that Mateus does as most of its attacks are Magick based. Use Thunder, Thundara and Thundaga to bring her down quickly.

Stolen from Mateus:
- Common: Ice Shield
- Rare: Icebrand

Treasure Chests:
- Scale Armor
- Poach

Stage 17
Battle against Mindflayer during Trial Mode Stage 17

This battle is the same as the battle against Mindflayer during Hunt 15: The Mine Flayer. The most difficult aspect of the battle is dealing with their Time Requiem attack which can inflict the Stop status effect. Equip your characters with a Power Armlet or a Ribbon and have an Esuna Gambit setup and ready to go.

- Common: Rose Corsage
- Uncommon: Power Armlet
- Rare: Maduin Gear

Treasure Chests:
- Bronze Shield
- Poison Bombs

Stage 18
Ring Wyrm
Battle against Ring Wyrm during Trial Mode Stage 18

This battle is the same as the one against Ring Wyrm during Hunt 07: For Whom the Wyrm Tolls. It has a fairly high amount of HP and will use Restore on itself to regain its HP when it gets to low HP. You can use Blind to greatly reduce the amount of damage done by this dragon and make the fight easier. You can also use Fire-elemental Magicks to bring it down quickly (or summon Belias).

- Common: Bone Helm
- Uncommon: Pirate Hat
- Rare: Black Cowl

Treasure Chests:
- Tourmaline Ring
- Thunder

Stage 19
Earth Tyrant
Battle against Earth Tyrant during Trial Mode Stage 19

This battle is against the same dragon that you fight as part of the Earth Tyrant side quest. It doesn’t have a ton of HP but it will increase its defenses significantly when it falls below 50% of its HP, so be prepared for a long and drawn out fight. Be ready to clear your party members of the Poison status effect and heal your way through the AoE attacks.

- Common: Broadaxe
- Uncommon: Hornito
- Rare: Main Gauche

Treasure Chests:
- Leather Gorget
- Fiery Arrows

Stage 20
Vulture (x6)
Battle against Vultures during Trial Mode Stage 20

This battle is Vulture enemies – the same type that can be found in the Mosphoran Highwaste. This is one of the easier battles compared to the last few, but you will need to have ranged attacks set up. Focus on using bows, guns or hand-bombs, activate the Telekinesis Technick, or have your Magick-heavy party members join for this battle.

Treasure Chests:
- Stone Bolts
- Rose Corsage

You will receive an additional reward for completing Stage 11 through 20 which includes: