Cockatrice Round-Up
Side Quest

The Cockatrice Round-Up side quest can be completed any time after you have reached Balfonheim Port area after completing the Draklor Laboratory dungeon.

You will need to have completed Hunt 36: Paradise Risen (Gil Snapper) and obtained the “Feather of the Flock” from a green urn in the Tracks of the Beast area where you fight Gil Snapper.

Obtaining the Feather of the Flock item after Hunt 36

You will not be able to talk to or understand the Cockatrices and you will not be able to effectively return some of them to the Giza Plains without the Feather.

You Obtain the Feather of the Flock

Travel back to the Giza Plains by using an orange Save Crystal to warp back to Rabanastre. During the dry season (check out the Rain in the Giza Plains for more information on how to change the weather), return to the Nomad Village and search the Cockatrice pen to find that all of the Cockatrice are missing.

Speak to Dania and she will tell you that they have all disappeared and that she has no idea where to start looking.

Speaking to Dania in the Giza Plains

The Cockatrice have scattered all throughout Ivalice. You can find one in Eruyt Village, one in Rabanastre, one in Jahara, one in the South Bank Village of the Dalmasca Estersand and one in the Imperial City of Archades. More details on how to track each of them down are included below.

Eruyt Village (Chit)

Finding and rounding up the Cockatrice in Eruyt Village is the most time intensive, so lets get that one out of the way first.

Warp to Eruyt Village and travel north to the Fane of the Path at the northernmost point of the village. Speak to the Cockatrice (Chit) standing on the ledge in front of the Viera (Mrjn) and then turn around and examine the Sparkling Light in the middle of the path.

The first Sparkling Light in the Eruyt Village
Sparkling Light on the Fane of the Path next to the seated Viera

Mjrn will explain that Dewdrop Pebbles are said to bring good luck to those who find them. Offer her the Dewdrop Pebble and then begin your search for the other eight Dewdrop Pebbles located throughout Eruyt Village. Each of the locations listed below are in order of closest to furthest:

Fane of the Path

1) Southern side of the circular pathway to the right of the Viera.

2) Northern side of the circular pathway on a patch of bushes near the base of the tree.

Sparkling Light behind the trees in the bushes of the Fane of the Path

The Spiritwood

3) On the tree trunk to the right as you descend the staircase coming from the Fane of the Path.

Sparkling Light on the tree trunk in the Spiritwood

4) On the left side of the bridge just before you cross it (near the rope).

Sparkling Light near the bridge in the Spiritwood

5) In the northwestern section on a weapons rack next to a Viera named Rael (who is listed as Warder-chief until you speak to her).

Sparkling Light at the end of the pathway in the Spiritwood

6) In the large circular area packed with Viera, look near the center of the circle to see a Viera staring at the Sparkling Light. Attempt to retrieve it and then speak to the Viera standing nearby to ask for her assistance retrieving it.

Sparkling Light on the weapon rack

7) On the curved ramp leading down from the circular area where the last Dewdrop was located.

Sparkling Light in the fountain of the Spiritwood

8) In the dead end area south of the ramp where the last Dewdrop was located.

Sparkling Light along the ramp walkway in the Spiritwood

Return to Chit and Mjrn and give Mjrn the eight Dewdrop Pebbles. Speak to Chit on the ledge after you do and he will shake, causing another Dewdrop Pebble to land beside him on the right side. Pick up that last Dewdrop Pebble and give it to Mjrn again.

Sparkling Light next to Chit in the Fane of the Path

She will say that this should be enough to “help their visitors” by creating a pendant for it. Chit will leave the area heading back to the Giza Plains.

Chit will give you a Yoichi Bow as a reward for finding all of the Dewdrop Pebbles.

Picking up a Yoichi Bow in Eruyt Village

Rabanastre (Renn)

Warp back to Rabanastre and search the northernmost area of the North End, right in front of the entrance to the Royal Palace, for Renn. This Cockatrice will immediately run away from you.

Speaking to Renn in Rabanastre

This next quest involves trying to sneak up on the Cockatrice and capture it. Renn will slowly circle the North End and you will need to stand behind one of the columns or pillars and sneak out as Renn walks past.

It will immediately run away if it sees you and if you run towards it at any point. You will need to walk slowly towards it coming in from the side without it seeing you.

Sneaking up on Renn in Rabanastre

It can be a little bit painful to do properly but, with some practice, you will eventually get close enough to tap the XButton. Renn will ask if you are “ruffling [its] feathers?” once you get close enough – select the “Erm… No?” option.

Approaching Renn, the Cockatrice, in Rabanastre

Renn will mention that he was waiting for Chit to return to the Giza Plains before he would return and so now he will head back to the Giza Plains. Head back to the area where you first encountered Renn and speak to him one more time for him to actually return.

The reward for finding this Cockatrice is a Deathbringer.

Speaking to Renn after capturing him to cause him to return to the Giza Plains

Jahara (Shurry)

Warp to the Save Crystal on the Banks of the Sogoht and walk through to the Lull of the Land. The Cockatrice is located to the west standing next to a Garif Herder. Speak to the Cockatrice and then speak to the Garif Herder and select the option: “It came from Giza Plains.”

Explaining to the Garif Herder that the Cockatrice came from the Giza Plains

The Garif Herder will ask you to speak to the Great-chief about the visitor from the Giza Plains. Head to the Elderknoll and speak with Great-chief Uball-Ka. The Great-chief will give you a “Gift of the Great-chief” key item to give to the Shurry.

Speaking to Great-chief Ubail-Ka about the Cockatrice Shurry

Speak to Shurry to give her the gift and then speak to the Garif Herder; the Cockatrice will take off back to the Giza Plains and the Herder will give you a Platinum Dagger as a reward.

Garif Herder asking the Cockatrice to return to where it came from

South Bank Village (Sassan)

You will need to get to the North Bank Village from the South Bank Village in the Dalmasca Estersand. In order to do this, you will need to have completed the Desert Patient side quest and the Lost Cactoid side quest.

Warp to the Dalmasca Estersand which will automatically land you in the South Bank Village. Speak to the Cockatrice, Sassan, which is located right beside the orange Save Crystal.

Speaking to Sassan, the Cockatrice, in the South Bank Village

This side quest involves transporting Sassan, Nathyl and Arryl across the river in the correct order. Nathyl is the domesticated dog wandering around the village and Arryl is the young boy that you carry across to keep Nathyl busy on the other side of the river.

Speak to Tchigri and choose to cross the river. Tchigri will ask you who you would like to put on the ferry and take across with you when you head to the North Bank River.

Choose to take Nathyl across the river first. Then head back to the South Bank Village. Take Arryl across the second time and take Sassan across the third time.

Ferry where you take Sassan, Arryl, or Nathyl across the river by speaking to Tchigri

Speak to Sassan after you take her across – she will be standing next to Torrie. Sassan will head back to the Giza Plains with the other Cockatrice and give you a Koga Blade as a reward.

Tchigri taking Sassan across the river

Old Archades (Agytha)

Warp back to Archades. If you already spoke with the Cockatrice in the Alley of Low Whispers, you won’t have to do so again, but if not, travel back to Old Archades and search for the Cockatrice in the northeast corner of the zone.

Now go back to the Imperial City of Archades. Note that you will need to have obtained every piece of Pinewood Chop and obtained a Sandalwood Chop in order to access the Grand Arcade room. Check out the Imperial City of Archades walkthrough page for more information.

Speaking to Docent outside of the Old Archades secret area using Pinewood Chop

Take the cab back to Tsenoble and head up to the Grande Arcade. With the Sandalwood Chop, the Docent standing outside of the entrance will take you in with her.

Speak to the Cockatrice circling the pole in the center of the room; she is not hard to reach (unlike Renn back in Rabanastre). Agytha will give you a Tumulus before taking off back to the Giza Plains.

Speaking to Agytha, the Cockatrice, in Tsenoble Old Archades

Balfonheim Port (Moomer)

The last Cockatrice is located in Balfonheim Port. Warp back to Balfonheim Port and you will already been in the proper zone – Sea Breeze Lane. Speak to the Chocobo Wrangler over by the Chocobo pen. Choose to show her the “Feather of the Flock”. Moomer will appear amongst the Chocobos in the pen with the Chocobo Wrangler wondering how it got in there.

Speaking to the Chocobo Wrangler in the Balfonheim Port and using the Feather of the Flock

Speak to the Miffed Moogle that walks over beside you and then talk to Gurdy. The Miffed Moogle will try to rent the Cockatrice instead of a Chocobo which will cause Moomer to take off back to the Giza Plains.

The Miffed Moogle will give you a Defender as a reward for helping him notice the Cockatrice. Moomer will take off back to the Giza Plains with the Moogle.

Obtaining a Defender from Gurdy

Giza Plains

Return to the Giza Plains during the dry season once more and speak to Terra in the Cockatrice Pen. Unfortunately, the reward for fully completing the quest is just two Hi-Ethers, but the rewards received throughout the side quest are quite strong.

Speaking to Terra in the Giza Plains to finish the Cockatrice Round-Up side quest

The Cockatrice Round-Up side quest is now completed. This quest is normally completed when you reach Balfonheim Port. Click on the link to return to that section of the walkthrough.