Trial Mode - Stages 81 to 90

Tips on how to complete each of the Stages and a list of the items that can be picked up from treasure chests or stolen from the enemies. Note that you need to have Diamond Armlet equipped in order to obtain the treasure listed. Opening the treasure chest without a Diamond Armlet will result in you receiving consumable and expendable items.

Stage 81
Battle against Zeromus during Trial Mode Stage 81

This battle is similar to the fight against Zeromus when you obtain him as an optional Esper in the Stilshrine of Miriam. Dark Lords will spawn continuously during this battle and you will not be able to use Magicks so switch all of your healing Gambits to using X-Potions and switch your Esuna Gambits to use Remedy items.

Setup a Gambit to target Undead enemies or enemies with the lowest HP so that you don’t become overwhelmed by all of the Dark Lords that spawn. All of the enemies are weak to Holy-type Magick. Have your White Mage cast Holy and switch to using Excalibur.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed during this fight, so don’t be afraid to use some of your more powerful healing items such as Elixirs and Megalixirs. Also keep in mind that the more Dark Lords you defeat and chain together the more likely they will start dropping higher level loot which can heal your party members and cast beneficial status effects on them.

Stolen from Zeromus:
- Uncommon: Elixir
- Rare: Circlet

Treasure Chests:
- Halberd
- Pirate Hat

Stage 82
High Reaver (x2), Reaver (x2), Crystal Knight
Battle against High Reavers during Trial Mode Stage 82

This is a standard battle and the Reaver enemies do not require any particular strategy to defeat.

You can make a Crystal Knight spawn if you stand in the center of the zone.

Stolen from Crystal Knight:
- Uncommon: Euclid’s Sextant
- Rare: Golden Skullcap

Treasure Chests:
- Penetrator Crossbow
- Viking Coat
- Steel Poleyns

Stage 83
Giruveganus (x3)
Battle against Giruveganus during Trial Mode Stage 83

This is a standard battle and the Giruveganus enemies do not require any particular strategy to defeat. They may occasionally use a move called Crushing Fangs which has a chance to instantly KO one of your party members – there is no way to prevent these potential KO’s so be prepared to revive your party members.

Treasure Chests:
- Sorcerer’s Hat
- Doom Mace
- Magick Gloves

Stage 84
Chaos, Wind Chaosjet, Earth Chaosjet, Fire Chaosjet, Water Chaosjet
Battle against Chaos during Trial Mode Stage 84

This battle is similar to the battle against Chaos when you attempt to defeat him inside the Necrohol of Nabudis. The Attack command will be disabled so adjust your party accordingly or switch to having your physical party members use Technicks (such as Telekinesis, which can be used against non-flying enemies as well).

Target and defeat the four Chaosjet enemies first and use Magick attacks to bring down Chaos quickly.

Stolen from Chaos:
- Common: Elixir
- Uncommon: Glimmering Robes
- Rare: Sage’s Ring

Stolen from Chaosjet:
- Rare: Elixir

Treasure Chests:
- Agate Ring
- Sorcerer’s Habit
- Esuna

Stage 85
Pylraster, Abelisk, Terror Tyrant
Battle against Pylraster, Abelisk and Terror Tyrant during Trial Mode Stage 85

This is a battle against three Tyrant-type enemies. Interestingly enough, due to their size, they likely will not all be able to reach your party and attack them at the same time, which means that you can take them down one at at time.

Remember that Pylraster will double in level once its HP falls below 50% making it the hardest Tyrant to defeat. As such, you may want to focus on taking Abelisk and Terror Tyrant out first to reduce the overall amount of damage that your party takes.

Stolen from Pylraster:
- Uncommon: Renewing Morion
- Rare: Brave Suit

Stolen from Abelisk:
- Rare: Maximillian

Stolen from Terror Tyrant:
- Rare: Magepower Shishak

Poached from Terror Tyrant:
- Rare: Grand Helm

Treasure Chests:
- Bowline Sash
- Orichalcum Dirk
- Bone Helm

Stage 86
Rikken, Elza, Pirates (x6)
Battle against Rikken, Elza, Pirates during Trial Mode Stage 86

This is the first battle that is extremely difficult no matter what level you are and requires a great deal of strategy in order to complete successfully. The key to this battle is to not underestimate the amount of damage that the 8 party members are going to do to your entire team and to focus on taking out one or two of the Pirates as quickly as possible.

Start off by equipping all of your party members with armor that provides the most defense. This means switching your White Mage, Black Mage, Red Battlemage and Time Battlemages over to using Heavy Armor for the duration of this fight. Have your melee classes use Shields if they can equip them and have all of your party members use a Bubble Belt (or make sure to keep Bubble cast on them). Additionally, have Protectga cast on all of your party members at all times and keep Decoy active on your tank (or your strongest party member).

The Pirates can inflict the Silence status effect so make sure that you have a Gambit ready to go to use Echo Herbs. Rikken and Elza will also cast Reverse on one another which can make them extremely difficult to finally defeat. Have your White Mage cast Dispel on them when they use Reverse by setting up a Gambit as follows: Foe: status = Reverse > Dispel.

Stolen from Rikken:
- Uncommon: Durandal
- Rare: Simha

Stolen from Elza:
- Uncommon: Fomalhaut
- Rare: Mithuna

Stolen from Pirates:
- Onion Shot

Poached from Pirates:
- Onion Shot

Treasure Chests:
- Bone Mail
- Burning Bow
- Cat-ear Hood

Stage 87
Hell Wyrm
Battle against Hell Wyrm during Trial Mode Stage 87

This battle is similar to the one against Hell Wyrm in the Hall of the Wroth God in the Sochen Cave Palace. The dragon does a fair amount of damage so set your party members up with Bubble Belts or cast Bubble on each of them. You should also make sure that one of your party members has either a Power Armlet or a Ribbon equipped so that all of your party members are not hit with the Stop status effect at the same time. Set up a Gambit to use a Chronos Tear on the remaining party members.

You can easily nullify Hell Wyrm’s strongest attacks by equipping your party members with White Masks or a Sage’s Ring. Keep all of your beneficial status effects, such as Protect, Haste, Shell and Bravery, active for the duration of the fight. You should also make liberal use of the Expose Technick to increase the amount of damage done to Hell Wyrm but, more importantly, you should use the Wither Technick to reduce Hell Wyrm’s attack power and significantly reduce the amount of damage that it does.

- Uncommon: Jade Collar
- Rare: Excalibur

Treasure Chests:
- Darkga
- Platinum Shield
- Power Armlet
- Fuzzy Miter

Stage 88
Battle against Disma during Trial Mode Stage 88

Forbidden enemies and Evil Spirits will spawn throughout this fight. Make sure you take them down quickly to avoid being overrun. You will need to equip your party members with a Ribbon or a Rose Corsage in order to deal with the Silence status effect. You will also need to have a Chronos Tear Gambit setup (or Esuna) to deal with the Stop status effect again. Have your White Mage casting Holy and equip one of your party members with the Excalibur sword as all of these enemies are weak to Holy damage but make sure to either Dispel Disma’s Reflect status effect first or prevent your White Mage from casting Holy on Disma directly.

Stolen from Disma:
- Common: Demon Shield
- Uncommon: Aegis Shield
- Rare: Ensanguined Shield

Drops from Evil Spirits:
- Very Rare: Elixir

Stolen from Evil Spirits:
- Common: Demon Shield
- Uncommon: Sage’s Ring
- Rare: Shikari Nagasa

Treasure Chests:
- Zephyr Pole
- Winged Boots
- Turtleshell Choker

Stage 89
Battle against Fafnir during Trial Mode Stage 89

This battle is the same as when you defeat Fafnir during Hunt 31: Wyrm Wrath’s Renewal. Make sure that you keep casting Dispel on it as it has a number of beneficial status effects that need to be removed and it will recast them throughout the fight. Have one of your party members cast Slow on it and cast Scourge or Bio on it early to inflict a heavy amount of damage over time. Then focus on using Wither and Addle, followed by Shear and Expose, to greatly reduce the amount of damage done to your party members and increase the amount of damage done to the dragon.

There are a number of negative status effects, such as Silence, Stop and Sleep, that you will have to watch out for. Have your characters equipped with Power Armlets, Rose Corsages, Black Belts or Ribbons to prevent them from all being hit with the same status effect at the same time and setup an Esuna Gambit to remove negative status effects from one another.

- Rare: Grand Helm

- Grand Armor

Treasure Chests:
- Yakei
- Firefly

Stage 90
Behemoth King
Battle against the Behemoth King during Trial Mode Stage 90

This battle is the same as the battle against the Behemoth King in the Feywood that you need to defeat in order to complete Hunt 42: Truth Shrouded in Mist. Cast Dispel on Behemoth King at the beginning of the fight and set up a Gambit to keep casting Dispel on Behemoth King as required. It will recast beneficial status effects throughout the fight. You will also need to be prepared for some negative status effects, such as Stop, that could impact your entire party. Make sure that one party member has a Power Armlet or a Ribbon equipped.

Use Wither and Addle to reduce the amount of damage that Behemoth King does to your party and then use Expose and Shear to increase the amount of damage that your party does. Behemoth King will also set up a ‘paling’ during the fight which will make it immune to physical attacks. Cast the Arise spell on Behemoth King twice and the paling will switch from protecting against physical attacks to protecting against Magick attacks.

Stolen from Behemoth King:
- Uncommon: Grand Helm
- Rare: Grand Armor

Treasure Chests:
- Runeblade
- Hermes Sandals

You will receive an additional set of rewards upon completion of Stage 90 that includes: