Remiem Temple
Optional Side Quest Area

Remiem Temple is a secret, optional area that you can reach in the southeast section of the Calm Lands. You need to ride a chocobo in order to reach the southeast corner of the map.

Naming screen for Yojimbo

The Temple is involved in a number of side quests including:

  1. Racing Chocobos for prizes (and obtaining the Chocobo Master Trophy)
  2. Obtaining the Cloudy Mirror which is a precursor to obtaining the Celestial Mirror
  3. Defeating Belgemine’s Aeons to obtain the Flower Scepter and the Moon Sigil
  4. Obtain the final optional Aeon, the Magus Sisters

Continue reading below for more information on each of the sub-quests which are listed in the order that you can or would normally compete them in during a playthrough of the game.

Reaching Remiem Temple

In order to reach the temple you will need to complete a small side quest involving the Chocobo Trainer in the Calm Lands. For more information on this side quest, click on the link below:

Once you have completed the “Wobbly Chocobo” mini-game, you can choose to ride a Chocobo around in the Calm Lands. Travel to the southeast portion of the map and look for the Chocobo feather shown in the screenshot below:

Press the XButton near the Chocobo to fly down on to the lower ridge and then proceed through the crevasse straight ahead to find Remiem Temple.

Haggling with Yojimbo

Racing Chocobos (a.k.a. the Chocobo Challenge)

The first mini-game / side quest that you can complete is called the “Chocobo Challenge”. Travel to the west side of the temple and search for a Sphere lying on the ground. Touch the Sphere and you will be given an overview of the Chocobo Challenge and how to race a Chocobo.

Initiating the race is actually done on the east side of the temple. Walk over to the other side and interact with the Chocobo perched there to begin the race.

Haggling with Yojimbo

The challenge is fairly straightforward but the controls of the Chocobo make the race fairly difficult to complete. Gathering the chests will warp you further down the track, and the more chests you obtain, the better the prizes as shown below:

1 Chest: Elixir
2 Chests: Megalixirs
3 Chests: Wings to Discovery (x30)
4 Chests: Pendulum (x30)
5 Chests: Three Stars (x60)

Finally, beating the other Chocobo to the center of the map will result in you obtaining the Chocobo Master Trophy in the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Naming screen for Yojimbo
Chocobo Master

You will receive the Chocobo Master Trophy if you can manage to open 5 treasure chests and still win the race. Check out the video below to see how it can be done:

Chocobo Master Trophy

Obtaining the Cloudy Mirror

Obtaining the Cloudy Mirror, which is used to create the Celestial Mirror, is as easy as winning a Chocobo race for the first time. Check out the side quest section below for more information on how to obtain both of these items:

The Cloudy Mirror is needed to upgrade each of the character’s Celestial Weapons.

Belgemine’s Final Challenge (First Round)

Inside the temple you will encounter Belgemine where you can challenge her to one final battle. The battle is actually broken up in to several fights that require you to defeat all of the Aeons that are obtainable in the game.

Note that if you don’t have the optional Aeons (Anima, Yojimbo and Magus Sisters) you can come back and battle Belgemine after you do.

Haggling with Yojimbo

In fact, you need to defeat her Aeon Bahamut in order to obtain the Flower Scepter, which is required to obtain the final optional Aeon, the Magus Sisters.

Naming screen for Yojimbo

Defeating Belgemine’s Aeons is not difficult to do. Just summon your most powerful Aeon each time, or use an Aeon that attacks with the element that Belgemine’s Aeon is weak to, such as:

  • Any Aeon against Valefor
  • Shiva or Anima against Ifrit
  • Bahamut or Anima against Ixion
  • Anima against Shiva (to deal with her high Evasion stat)
  • Anima against Bahamut

Anima is the most effective Aeon against most of Belgemine’s Aeons so consider obtaining her as an optional Aeon before engaging in the battle against Belgemine. Check out the Anima side quest section below for additional details:

Haggling with Yojimbo

The rewards for defeating the Aeons listed above include:

The Flower Scepter is one of the items that you need in order to obtain the last and most powerful Aeon, Magus Sisters. Read the section below for additional information.

Naming screen for Yojimbo

Obtaining the Magus Sisters

The Magus Sisters are the final Aeon and you merely have to visit the Chamber of the Fayth in Remiem Temple, located directly behind where Belgemine is standing, in order to obtain them (there are 3 Aeons that make up the Magus Sisters).

In order to gain entry in to the Remiem Temple Chamber of the Fayth, you will need two items:

Flower Scepter
Blossom Crown

The details for obtaining the Flower Scepter are listed above. Obtaining the Blossom Crown is a little bit more difficult though. The Blossom Crown is a reward that you receive from the Monster Arena. You will need to capture all of the fiends in the Mt. Gagazet area in order to receive the reward.

Refer to the Monster Arena reward page or the Mt. Gagazet fiend listing using the links below:

Once you have both items, walk to the back of Remiem Temple and use both items to open the sealed doorway. Yuna will head inside and obtain the strongest Aeon(s) in the game, the Magus Sisters.

Naming screen for Yojimbo

Belgemine’s Final Challenge (Second Round)

The second round of battles against Belgemine involves battling her again while she uses each of the three optional Aeons: Anima, Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters. Make sure that you have all three Aeons, or check out the Optional Aeons side quest section using the link below for more details:

The battle against Yojimbo is fairly easy if you use Anima or the Magus Sisters. Use the Magus Sisters again to take down Anima.

Finally, your best bet for defeating the Magus Sisters when Belgemine summons them is to use Anima’s Overdrive attack to quickly bring them down. Go out and charge up Yuna’s Overdrive if you need to. The rewards for these three fights include:

The Moon Sigil is used to create Yuna’s Celestial Weapon, Nirvana.

Naming screen for Yojimbo

This is everything that you can do at Remiem Temple. Use either of the links below to return to the Side Quest section or to the Final Preparations and Side Quest walkthrough page: