Remiem Temple

Remiem Temple is located in the southeast area of the Calm Lands. You will need to ride a Chocobo in order to get there and you need to make a visit to Remiem Temple to complete any of the following quests:

- Obtain the Cloudy Mirror and Celestial Mirror
- Obtain the Magus Sisters Aeon
- Obtain the Moon Sigil to create Nirvana

For more information how to get to Remiem Temple or on how to obtain the Cloudy Mirror and for an explanation of how to turn it into the Celestial Mirror you should check out the Celestial Mirror section.

Remiem Temple
Entering Remiem Temple

In order to obtain the Magus Sisters Aeon you need to obtain a Flower Sceptre, a Blossom Crown and obtain the optional Aeons Yojimbo and Anima. Click here for more information on how to obtain Yojimbo and Anima as you will need to obtain both before moving on to the steps below.

The Magus Sisters

Flower Sceptre

The first step to obtaining the Magus sisters is to obtain a Flower Sceptre. Travel to and enter Remiem Temple which is found in the southwest area of the Calm Lands. You will need to ride a Chocobo in order to enter the area.

Belgemine will give a short speech to Yuna and the team and then challenge her to a battle. You will have to work your way through each of her Aeons starting with…

Valefor (20,000 HP)
The battle against Valefor is fairly easy. Nearly all of your Aeons will be able to defeat it with relative ease.

Battling Belgemine’s Valefor Aeon

Ifrit (28,000 HP)
Use one of your Aeons that have Ice-based attacks, such as Shiva or Anima.

Battle against Belgemine’s Ifrit Aeon at Remiem Temple

Ixion (30,000 HP)
Avoid thunder-based attacks and use one of your stronger Aeons, such as Anima or Bahamut.

Battle against Belgemine’s Ixion Aeon at Remiem Temple

Shiva (20,000 HP)
Her evade stat is very high which means that regular attacks will often miss. Use magic-based attacks or use Anima’s Pain ability to bring her down.

Battle against Belgemine’s Shiva Aeon at Remiem Temple

Bahamut (35,000 HP)
Bahamut is fairly tough so you will want to use Anima for this battle.

Battle Against Belgemine’s Bahamut Aeon at Remiem Temple

Your reward for defeating Bahamut is the Flower Sceptre.

Belgemine presenting the group with the Flower Sceptre

Blossom Crown

The Blossom Crown is given to you by the owner of the Monster Arena as an award for unlocking Catoblepas. In order to unlock Catoblepas you will have to capture one of each of the fiends from Mount Gagazet. This includes:

- Bandersnatch
- Grat
- Grenade
- Bashura
- Ahriman
- Grendel
- Dark Flan
- Mandragora
- Behemoth
- Splasher
- Achelous
- Maelspike

Using the teleportation platform at Mount Gagazet
Receiving the Blossom Crown from the Monster Arena

Some of these fiends are located in the cave portions of Mount Gagazet. You can use the teleportation pads to transport there easily. Return to the Monster Arena on the east side of the Calm Lands and speak with the man there to receive your Blossom Crown.

Return to Remiem Temple and walk right past Belgemine towards the sealed doorway at the back. Press ‘X’ as you get close and then use the Blossom Crown and the Flower Sceptre to break the seal. Yuna will enter the Chamber of the Fayth and obtain the Magus Sisters as the last and final optional Aeon in the game.

The entryway into the Chamber of the Fayth
Yuna after receiving the Magus Sisters

The Moon Sigil

Save your game before you challenge Belgemine using the Save Sphere outside the temple. Return to Belgemine and speak to her to initiate the final Aeon battles.

Yojimbo (32,000 HP)
Use either Anima or the Magus Sisters to quickly bring Yojimbo down. He does not have much HP. Save Anima’s Overdrive if you obtain it so that you can use it on the final battle against the Magus Sisters.

Battle against Belgemine’s Yojimbo Aeon at Remiem Temple

Anima (54,000 HP)
Anima has a large amount of HP, but just use the Magus Sisters to make easy work of it.

Battle against Belgemine’s Anima Aeon at Remiem Temple

The Magus Sisters (20,000 HP / 35,000 HP / 48,000 HP)
Use Anima’s Overdrive if you saved it - the Magus Sisters do not have much HP so they are relatively easy to take down.

Battle against Belgemine’s Magus Sisters Aeon at Remiem Temple

Your reward for defeating Belgemine’s last Aeon is the Moon Sigil which you can pick up after you perform the sending on her. You can now create Yuna’s Celestial Weapon, Nirvana. Check out the Celestial Weapon section for more information.

Yuna presented with the option of sending Belgemine
Receiving the Moon Sigil for defeating Belgemine

You are now finished with Remiem Temple.