Chocobo Trainer
Side Quests in the Calm Lands

The Chocobo Trainer side quests are a group of mini-games that can be completed after your team reaches the Calm Lands. Check out the Calm Lands walkthrough section for details.

Chocobo Training course selection screen

The Chocobo Trainer is the lady in the northwestern section of the Calm Lands. Speak to her and she will ask you many times whether you are sure if you want to train a Chocobo. Select “yes” each time to continue.

Wobbly Chocobo

The first time you attempt this side quest you will not get a choice of which Chocobo you ride or the game that you play but the first one you ride is called “Wobbly Chocobo”.

The Chocobo you will be training is very difficult to control. Each time it veers off the pathway you should press left and right on the D-PadDirectional Pad Buttons until it starts going straight again. The more you press left and right the easier it will be to keep the Chocobo on track.

Chocobo Training course selection screen

Your prize for successful completion of this mini-game is an Elixir. This is the only mini-game that you need to complete if you want to ride a Chocobo in the Calm Lands but you might as well try some of the rest while you’re at it!

Tidus riding a Chocobo through one of the training courses

Dodger Chocobo

The object of the second mini-game is to dodge the Blitzballs that are trying to hit you. The Blitzballs follow a pattern and there is either a very small gap between them and they come close together or there is a larger gap.

Chocobo Dodger game

Continue to dodge them going the same direction when they are close together and only switch from left to right or from right to left when there is a larger gap between the balls. Successful completion of this mini-game will get you a Lv. 1 Key Sphere.

Tidus playing the Dodger Chocobo mini game

Hyper Dodger Chocobo

This is the same mini-game except that there are birds to dodge in addition to blitzballs. The strategy for this portion is long, wide, sweeping turns to dodge everything all at the same time. You are given more time to make it to the finish line so taking the long way and making huge ‘S’ figures is the optimal strategy.

Chocobo Dodger game

The prize for completing this mini-game is a Lv. 2 Key Sphere.

Tidus playing the Dodger Chocobo mini game

Catcher Chocobo

Catcher Chocobo is a Chocobo race with some slight modifications. Every bird that you get hit by will add 3 seconds to your overall time and every balloon that you get will subtract 3 seconds from your total time.

Catcher Chocobo mini game

Your opponent will steal many of the balloons, especially those that spawn near the start of the race, so don’t fret if you miss out on those few. Missing the oncoming birds is the key to winning. Your prize for successful completion is a Lv. 3 Key Sphere.

Note that this mini-game is extremely challenging so don’t get frustrated if it takes you multiple attempts.

Catcher Chocobo with the competitor in view

If you are able to beat your opponent and achieve a time of 0:00.0, or in other words, hit enough balloons that you receive a negative time, you will receive the Sun Sigil as a reward.

Chocobo License

You will receive the Chocobo License Trophy if you manage to successfully complete all three challenges.

Chocobo License Trophy
Chocobo Rider

You can also obtain the Chocobo Rider Trophy if you are able to achieve a time of 0:0:0 as mentioned above. Good luck!

Chocobo Rider Trophy

These are all of the Chocobo Trainer related mini-games that you can complete. With a Chocobo, you can now also reach Remiem Temple. Use the link below to return to the Calm Lands walkthrough page:

Alternatively, if you would like to check out the Remiem Temple section, use the link below: