Locations Macalania Woods

The Macalania Woods are located in the greater Macalania area. They play a very important part in the story of the game and are involved in numerous side quests as well.

The team entering Macalania Woods for the first time
Tidus and Yuna during thier romance scene in the Macalania Woods

The team will arrive in Macalania Woods after traveling through the Thunder Plains and will reach Lake Macalania once they have traveled through. They will also return to this area after they escape from the Via PurificoRefer to the walkthrough and strategy guide sections for additional details:

Macalania Woods are also involved in a number of side quests. The most important of these is the quests to obtain the Celestial Mirror and Celestial Weapons. Check out the Celestial Weapons side quest page for details:

Involved in the completion of that side quest is a mini-side quest that involves capturing butterflies:

This is also where the side quest to obtain all of the Jecht Spheres begins. Check out the Jecht Sphere side quest section for more information:

Remember that there is a secret shining walkway that appears in this area after you have passed through it the first time. This walkway can be used to quickly get you from the one end of the Woods to the other without having to battle any fiends.