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HP: 5,250

There are no particular strategies required to take down a Chimera. They do a fair bit of damage but any of your characters can take them down with a few regular attacks. They are susceptible to Darkness and Silence, so consider using either of those statuses against them if you are having trouble bringing them down.

Kimahri can use Lancet on a Chimera to learn Aqua Breath for his Ronso Rage Overdrive.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Darkness and silence work well. Vulnerable to Threaten.”
Scan “The snake casts Thundara, the bull Assaults, the hawk uses Aqua Breath, and the lion uses Megiddo Flame, in that order. Vulnerable to Threaten, darkness, and silence. Kimahri can learn Aqua Breath.”

Arctic Wind (x3) (common)
Lightning Marble (x3) (rare)

Ability Sphere (common)
Ability Sphere (x2) (rare)


They can be found anywhere in the Macalania Woods.