Final Preparations and Side Quests
Optional End Game Content

This page contains a full list of the side quests and end game content that you can complete. It is intended to be used only after you have visited the Northern Cave and obtained all of the items there but prior to actually heading down to battle Sephiroth.

All of the content listed on this page is optional.

If you have reached the bottom of the Northern Cave you are already strong enough to defeat Sephiroth with the proper use of strategy (and maybe a little bit of luck). Complete the content listed below only if you want to get the “full” Final Fantasy VII experience and complete everything that the game has to offer.

Before you leave the Northern Cave, you should head down in to the cave, as far as you can go at least, so that you can retrieve all of the loot and items that are available. Some of the things that you can obtain include:

1) Skills for your Enemy Skill Materia
2) Power Sources, Guard Sources, Magic Sources, etc.
3) Magic Counter Materia
4) Mega All Materia
5) Shield Materia
6) Imperial Guard
7) Counter Materia
8) W-Magic Materia
9) Mystile
10) Tetra Elemental

Check out the Northern Cave walkthrough section for more details on how to retrieve each of these items:

Exit the Northern Cave by traveling all the way back up to the Highwind. Speak to Cid on the bridge to leave the area.

Start off by making sure that you have completed all of the side quests that were mentioned in the guide so far and that you have not skipped any of the following:

1) Return to Nibelheim
2) Return to Cosmo Canyon
3) Return to Rocket Town
4) Find the Key to Sector 5
5) Locate Lucrecia’s Cave
6) Find the Sunken Gelnika
7) Locate the Da-Chao Cavern
8) Turtles Paradise Flyers

The next side quest to complete is to defeat Ultimate Weapon. The reward for completing this side quest is Cloud’s strongest weapon, the Ultima Weapon:

Defeating Ultimate Weapon will create a huge crater on the world map. You can walk through this open crater to reach a new area that is full of items to pick up:

The next side quest that you will want to complete is the Chocobo racing and Chocobo breeding side quests. These quests take a fair bit of gil to complete. You should have enough to complete these quests if you have mastered some of your Materia which you can sell for a large amount of gil.

Check out the full quest walk through here:

Through the Chocobo Racing and Breeding side quest you will obtain different colored Chocobos which can be used to reach each of the four Materia Caves. Their locations are detailed on the following side quest page:

With Cloud’s strongest weapons and all of the powerful Materia that you have obtained through the previous side quests, you should now head to Battle Square in Gold Saucer to obtain Cloud’s Level 4 Limit Break, Omnislash:

While you are in Gold Saucer, take some time to play each of the mini-games and obtain the trophies for them:

Obtain each of your character’s Level 4 Limit Breaks:

Also obtain their ultimate weapons if you have not done so already:

You can fully complete your Enemy Skill Materia’s by locating all of the available Enemy Skills:

Complete the Kalm Traveler side quest which involves defeating both Emerald and Ruby Weapon, the most difficult bosses in the game. You may want to skip below to the “leveling your characters” section in order to make these quests easier:

Level up your characters to level 99, level up your Materia and obtain 99,999,999 gil using the following tips and tricks sections:

Check the trophies section to make sure you have obtained all of the available trophies in the PlayStation 4 version of the game (if you are playing it, that is):

Congratulations, you have completed all of the end game content available in Final Fantasy VII!