Earning Gil Quickly

There are two methods that you can use to earn gil quickly - the legitimate way or through using cheats.

Legitimate Methods

The easiest and most efficient method to earn gil is to sell Mastered Materia - Materia that has been leveled up to the maximum allowable level. The best Materia to sell for this purpose is a Mastered All Materia.

You get several All Materia throughout the game which makes it relatively easy to sell one or two once they are fully leveled. A new Materia is born once you fully level one of them up which means that you can move on to leveling up the next Materia as soon as you’ve mastered one. You can keep a rotation going so that you don’t waste AP.

A Mastered All Materia sells for 1,400,000 gil.


The easiest way to earn gil if you are comfortable using cheats it to utilize the W-Item Materia item duplication trick. Check out the Cheats section for more information. You can then sell the items that you duplicate.