This is the second visit to Rabanastre which takes place after Vaan has defeated the Rogue Tomato as part of the first Hunt. Check out the first Rabanastre page if this is your first visit to Rabanastre and you wound up on this page by mistake or check out the main walkthrough section if you are at another point in the game.

The Eastgate back into Rabanastre is blocked by the guards who are refusing entry to everyone. Speak to Kytes, who is standing in the crowd of people outside the gates, to trigger another cutscene. Migelo will arrive to bribe the guards and help everyone get back inside.

Another video and cutscene trigger after that. Vayne, His Imperial Highness Lord Vayne Solidor rather, has just arrived in Rabanastre and gives a rousing speech to the citizens of Dalmasca. Migelo will receive an invite to participate in the feast from Lord Vayne, at which point Vaan will decide that he will try to sneak into the palace as well.

Rabanastre opening cinematic
Lord Vayne speaking to the Rabanastre crowd

The game continues in the North End of Rabanastre. It is time to travel back to the Sandsea Tavern and speak to Tomaj to claim your reward for defeating the Rogue Tomato. Tomaj can be found standing in front of the bar on the main floor. The reward for completing the Rogue Tomato hunt is 300 gil, 2 Potions and a Teleport Stone.

Starting off in the North End of Rabanastre
Returning to Tomaj after completing the Rogue Tomato Hunt

Check the Notice Board to find another Bill posted. Read “Bill No. 1” for the Thextera (Mutant Wolf) poster which is the next Hunt (Hunt 02: A Wolf in the Waste). The petitioner, Gatsly, is located right in the Sandsea Tavern, and can be found sitting on the ground to the right of the Notice Board. Gatsly mentions that Thextera stalks the Westersand in a region known as Galtea Downs. This Hunt can be completed a little bit later in the game.

Obtaining the Bill for the Thextera in the Sandsea
Speaking to Gatsly in the Sandsea

The next thing you should do is go buy Magick spells from the Magick Shop in Rabanastre. Use the map to find it by pressing the Select Button. The shop is called Yugri’s Magicks and is located fairly close to the Sandsea Tavern. Purchase Cure Magick while you are here as well as any of the three other Magick spells you have gil for ( Fire, Thunder and Blizzard).

Yugri’s Magicks in Rabanastre map

You may need to sell some of the items that you obtained out in the Dalmasca Estersand including Earth Stones, Wind Stones and Wolf Pelts, but do not sell your Teleport Stone as you will need them later on in the game, though not irreplaceable. After that, travel to the Technick Shop and purchase the Libra Technick. This one is far less critical now but can be extremely helpful a little later on in the game.

Gil is fairly hard to come by in Final Fantasy XII so be careful overspending on other trivial items like new weapons or armor. Weapons and armor do not need to be upgraded nearly as often as in previous Final Fantasy games.

Travel to the North End of Rabanastre and speak to the Conspicuous Bangaa on the west side of the zone. The Bangaa will permit you entrance into The Clan Hall that Tomaj briefly mentioned. Speak to the Moogle standing on the railing of the second floor named Montblanc. Montblanc is the founder of Clan Centurio and will offer to allow you to join the clan.

Vaan speaking to the Conspicuous Bangaa outside of the Clan Hall
Vaan at the entrance to the Clan Hall

You can find more information about the Clan, Clan Ranks and the Hunts that become available here:

Becoming a Clan Member allows you to make purchases from the Clan Provisioner in the Muthru Bazaar. Montblanc will also give you a reward for each Clan Rank you achieve (your Clan Rank rises with each Hunt you successfully complete). Speak to Montblanc one more time to receive 3 Potions. Leave the Clan Hall when you are done.

Montblanc standing on the railing of the second floor of the Clan Hall
Speaking to Montblanc

The last non-playable character (NPC) that you may want to speak to is the Moogle from the Cartographer’s Guild. Travel to the South Plaza and search for the Moogle in the northwest section of the zone. The Moogle will offer to sell you maps of the Dalmasca Estersand, the Dalmasca Westersand and the Giza Plains. You are headed to the Giza Plains shortly so purchase that map now as well (for 30 gil it is extremely cheap).

Buying the maps in Rabanastre from the Cartographers Guild Moogle

The next destination is Lowtown. Check the map by pressing the Select Button and use any of the stairways shown on the map to reach Lowtown. Considering that you are most likely in the South Plaza after having spoken to the Moogle, the closest stairway down is located just south of the Moogle in the South Gate area. Enter the South Gate and then turn immediately left (East) to see the entrance.

The various maps being offered by the Cartographers Guild Moogle
Getting into Lowtown through one of the doorways in Rabanastre


Locate Old Dalan’s house in the South Sprawl area of Lowtown and go inside. Old Dalan will offer to help Vaan gain entry into the palace using a secret passageway into the vaults and with the aide of a Magick Stone.

Vaan entering the South Sprawl of Lowtown
Vaan entering Old Dalan’s House

The Magick Stone Dalan speaks of is called the Crescent Stone, but it requires power from a Sunstone in order to regain its powers. The Sunstone can be located in the Giza Plains after seeking out the help of Nomads in the area.

The next destination, therefore, is the Giza Plains. Exit Lowtown using the stairs near Old Dalan’s House up to the South Gate. Save there using the Save Crystal and travel south to enter the Giza Plains.

Map of Rabanastre

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Map of Lowtown

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