Dalmasca Estersand

The Dalmasca Estersand is the first location in the game where you can encounter “random” enemies. Final Fantasy XII is the first game of the series which allows you to avoid random encounters altogether. You can see enemies on the world map as you approach them and can avoid them if you choose.

Vaan entering the Dalmasca Estersand

Monsters that you encounter will either have a red or a green bar above their heads. This bar represents their current HP, but it also gives an indication of whether the monster is hostile or neutral.

Monsters with a green bar above their heads (like the little green Cactite creatures) will not attack you unless you attack them first. Monsters with a red bar above their head will aggressively attack you if you come too close.

The Cactite creatures can often be found sleeping when you come across them. Use the Steal Technick to have Vaan steal some Earth Stones from them without having to attack them. You should avoid the large Wild Saurian (the creature that looks like a T-Rex) roaming around this area at all costs as it will be able to instally kill Vaan with a single hit.

Vaan stealing from a Cactite enemy

Take this opportunity to get Vaan some experience points to level him up and to get him some License Points. You will want to have him start working towards the White Magick 1 License so that he can learn the Cure Magick spell if possible, and depending on what Job you selected (but remember that you will have to return to Rabanastre and purchase that spell even after Vaan has obtained the License before he can use that spell).

The Rogue Tomato is located on the ledge right near the entrance to the Dalmasca Estersand. Make sure you clear any of the Wolves wandering around nearby so that you don’t get ambushed by two enemies in the middle of your battle against the Mark.

Hunt Battle: Rogue Tomato
Vaan approaching the Rogue Tomato in the Dalmasca Estersand

Level: 2
HP: 134
Steal: Pebble (55%), Fire Stone (10%), Potion (3%)

There isn’t much strategy to your first Hunt. Have Vaan use regular attacks on the Rogue Tomato and use a Potion if his HP falls too low. The Rogue Tomato will run away once its HP reaches 50% and will drop down below the cliff not too far away. Follow it down and finish it off to complete the Hunt. And make sure you Steal from the Rogue Tomato before you defeat it!

The Rogue Tomato jumping off the cliff cinematic

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version of the game is included below:

Vaan will grab the nearby Galbana Lilies in a short cutscene after the fight.

Vaan finding the Galbana Lilies after defeating the Rogue Tomato

There isn’t much more that you can do in the Dalmasca Estersand. You can stay and level a little bit if you would like to or explore the area. You will find the Outpost to the northeast but there is no need to go that far out into the Estersand at this point in the game (as the pathway beyond that leading to the Yardang Labyrinth is blocked off). Return to Rabanastre Eastgate to continue with the story.

Vaan returning to Rabanastre

Save your game at the Save Crystal. The gates back into Rabanastre have now been locked. Speak to Kytes, who is standing in the crowd gathered outside the gates, to trigger another cutscene. Migelo will come to the rescue and convince the guards to let everyone back in to the city.

Finding Kytes in the crowd outside the gate

The game continues inside Rabanastre.

Map of Dalmasca Estersand with the Outpost Blocked off

(Click on the map to enlarge)
Note that you cannot go past the Outpost at this stage of the game.