Map of the Henne Mines

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Map of the Henne Mines

The story leads the team through the Henne Mines after the visit to Eruyt Village. Most of the area cannot be explored beyond the Ore Separation chamber until later on in the game - specifically, until after you have obtained all of the Espers except for Zodiark. You also cannot enter the Henne Mines through the Feywood entrance until you have opened the door from the other side.

Treasure Chests

Number on Map Chance of Chest Appearing Normal Loot Diamond Armlet
50% 50% 90% 10%
(1) 25% Nihopalaoa Nihopalaoa Nihopalaoa Nihopalaoa
(2) 25% Bubble Belt Bubble Belt Bubble Belt Bubble Belt
(3) 100% Renew Renew Renew Renew
(4) 10% Addle Addle Addle Addle
(5) 15% Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon
(6) 100% Bonecrusher Bonecrusher Bonecrusher Bonecrusher

Connected Areas

- Feywood
- Ozmone Plain