Crypt Bunny

Bestiary entry from the Clan Primer:

Crypt Bunny Clan Primer image


Common - (40-55%) Drab Wool
Uncommon - (25-40%) (Nothing)
Rare - (3-12%) Muramasa
Very Rare - (1-5%) (Nothing)
With Monograph: Arcana
With Canopic Jar: High Arcana

Percentages listed above are based on the chain level of the enemy killed. Check out the Grinding and Power Leveling page for more information.


Common - (55%) Holy Mote
Uncommon - (10%) (Nothing)
Rare - (3%) (Nothing)




· The Feywood - Walk of Stolen Truths*
· Trial Mode - Stage 70

* The Crypt Bunny will appear in the eastern side of the Walk of Stolen Truths in the Feywood. It will only appear after you have defeated all of the Tartarus and 6 of the Cerebus. These enemies will keep respawning until the Crypt Bunny appears.