Nam-Yensa Sandsea

The Sandscale Bank

Use the Save Crystal to save your game and then approach the Sandsea Moogle near the north bank (which will cause the Urutan-Yensa nearby to flee). The Moogle will ask you if you would be willing to help the Urutan-Yensa – choose the “Tell me” option. The Moogle will explain that there is a huge tortoise-like creature that they want you to take down and that they will reward you if you are successful. Leave the area heading west.

Speaking to the Sandsea Moogle at the entrance to the Nam-Yensa Sandsea

The Urutan-Yensa Sea

Travel west and then south straight through this region, across the docks and into the next area.

Withering Shores

You will immediately see two Urutan-Yensa run towards something as soon as you enter the zone. Follow them over to the giant tortoise-like creature, called an Urutan Eater and help them defeat it. You have the option of killing the Urutan-Yensa creatures in the area as well but you may as well save them for after the Urutan Eater is defeated. The creatures will help you kill the Urutan Eater first.

Traveling through the Sandscale Bank searching for the Urutan Eater
Two Urutan enemies running towards the Urutan Eater

There is no way to prevent Vossler from attacking the Urutan-Yensa but you can set up your team with Gambits to make sure that they only target the party leader’s target. Check out the Gambits section for more information. Use Wind-based Magick spells if you are having trouble doing enough damage to it as it has a lot of HP.

Running towards the battle against the Urutan Eater
Battle against the Urutan Eater

Return to the Moogle and speak to him after the Urutan Eater has been defeated. The Moogle will explain that the Urutan-Yensa that asked for help was last spotted heading back into the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, so head to the east, back into that area.

A short cutscene will take place once you get part of the way up the refinery structure. Follow the creature and the Moogle back to the Sandscale Bank for another short cutscene. Examine the Rogue Urutan Flower and pick the berries to receive “a bunch of Eksir Berries”.

Speaking to the Sandsea Moogle regarding the Urutan-Yensa gathering
Obtaining the flower to receive a bunch of Eksir Berries

Travel west through the Urutan-Yensa Sea and back down to the Withering Shores. Travel westward into the Demesne of the Sandqueen zone. Walk out on to the platform to find a treasure chest that contains a Balance Magick (marked by a “1” on the map below) and continue westward to the Trail of Fading Warmth.

Head north one more zone in to the Simoon Bluff area and search the top of the oil platform for another treasure chest that contains an Embroidered Tippet (marked by a “2” on the map below).

Traveling east towards the Tomb of King Raithwall
Approaching King Raithwall’s Tomb

Continue westward and into the next zone. The game will give you an option to save your progress at this point as there is an upcoming boss battle just up ahead.

Map of the Nam-Yensa Sandsea

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