Mateus, the Corrupt
Esper Battle

Mateus is another Esper that is fought during a regular playthrough of the game. The party will encounter him in the Stilshrine of Miriam.


Mateus is fought in the Hall of Worth at the end of the Stilshrine of Miriam.

Esper Battle: Mateus

Level: 50
HP: 209,060
Steal: Leo Gem (55%), Hi-Ether (10%), High Arcana (3%)

Mateus will begin the battle by casting Reflect on itself and by summoning five Ice Azer enemies to aide it in battle. Start off by defeating each of the Ice Azer enemies as they will spam your party with Sleep spells and Blizzard Magick.

Mateus opening cinematic
Ice Azer during the battle against Mateus

Use Protect, Shell and Haste on your party members if you have enough MP. Protect will reduce the amount of damage done by Mateus’ regular attacks, Shell will reduce the damage done by the Ice Azers until you have defeated all of them and Haste will greatly increase the amount of damage done by your party members.

Mateus is not weak to any negative status effects (except for Oil which will not help you in this fight). The Ice Azers are susceptible to Thunder and Thundara Magick, but you risk hitting Mateus with Thundara spells which will then be reflected back at the caster.

Battle against Mateus
Battle against Mateus

You can use Quickenings or summon Belias to do a fair bit of damage to Mateus and the Ice Azers if you are running into problems. Use Decoy and an Ice Shield to have the boss and the Azers focus on your strongest team member. Mateus will do more damage once its HP gets low.

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Congratulations – you now have Mateus as an Esper which you can use in battle!

Mateus using Thundaja

Hashmal has two Ice-type attacks. His regular attack is very similar to Blizzard and causes Ice damage to one foe. His ultimate attack, Frostwave, deals Ice-type damage to all foes in range.

Esper Locked Licenses

Unlocking Mateus on the License Boards of certain jobs will unlock additional License Boards:

Black Mage: Hand-bombs 3 ( Caldera, Volcano)
Knight: White Magick 6 ( Curaga, Regen), White Magick 7 ( Cleanse, Esuna)
Shikari: Gil Toss
Time Battlemage: 230 HP
Uhlan: Magick Lores (x2)

The optimal selection for Mateus is to give it to your Knight to make sure that it gets all of the White Magick spells available. The only other option is to give it to your Time Battlemage for the extra HP.