Thunder Plains

Thunder Plains - South

The team will enter the Thunder Plains after having completed the events at Guadosalam.

Map of the Thunder Plains

*Qactuars will not appear during your first visit to the Thunder Plains.

It is possible to get struck by lightning while traveling through this area. Press the XButton when a lightning strike flashes on the screen and you can dodge the lightning and take no damage.

The party entering the Thunder Plains for the first time

Grab the treasure chest to the left of the Save Sphere to obtain two Phoenix Downs. Save your game before you continue.

Hi-Potion treasure chest in the Thunder Plains

There is another treasure chest to the northwest of the Save Sphere that contains two Hi-Potions.

Thunder Plains treasure chest

Continue following the wall on the west side of the map and you will find a treasure chest that contains 5,000 gil. It is just behind the glowing cactuar statue which is reads “A strange stone” if you touch it.

Treasure Chest containing 5,000 gil in the Thunder Plains

There is a chest in a small walkway on the east side that contains a Water Ball. Equip this item if you are using Wakka as the Waterstrike ability is incredibly powerful against the Lightning-based enemies in the Thunder Plains.

Picking up the Water Ball in the Thunder Plains

Further on down the pathway you will run into Shelinda. Keep going until you reach the end of the pathway and hit the Thunder Plains Travel Agency.

Meeting up with Shelinda in the Thunder Plains

Thunder Plains - Agency

There is a book on the counter that looks like an Al Bhed Primer but it is actually a storybook called “The History of Summoners, Thunder Plains Edition". It will tell you a little bit more about the strange rocks with the Qactuars on them.

Tidus spying on Yuna in the Travel Agency

Save your game at the Save Sphere and then talk to Rikku. Speak with Rin once he enters and he will ask you “How goes your study of our language?”. Select “Okay” and he will give you the Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XIV).

The group exiting the Travel Agency

Go back to where Yuna went, towards the back of the agency, to continue the story. Talk to Rikku again in the morning and then the group will exit Rin’s Travel Agency.

The group exiting the Travel Agency

You will notice that there is a small glowing item on the ground. Examine it to receive a Yellow Shield. If you don’t already have a Yellow Shield equipped to Tidus equip this one to him now. Tidus will now be immune to lightning-based attacks.

Tidus will barge in to Yuna’s room for another short scene. Afterwards, it’s time to continue the journey through the Thunder Plains.

Obtaining the Yellow Shield from a treasure chest on the Thunder Plains

Rather than going north, head south back into the area you previously came from. You will notice that there are two ways to go north from here and the red arrow will be pointing to the second exit. Go north through the other pathway.

Tidus on the Thunder Plains

Thunder Plains - North

Directly to the right when you come from this pathway is a treasure chest that contains an X-Potion.

X-Potion Treasure Chest on the Thunder Plains

You could potentially run into Iron Giant fiends in the second half of the Thunder Plains. These fiends are particularly powerful but are great to level up against. Use Auron’s Power Break ability to heavily reduce the amount damage that they deal to your party members. You can also use his Armor Break to reduce their armor and take them down a lot easier.

Battle against an Iron Giant in the second half of the Thunder Plains

Continue northward until you reach the Save Sphere and save your game. Half way down the pathway Yuna will interrupt the journey for a bit more dialogue and story. Yuna will announce that she’s decided to accept Maester Seymour’s marriage proposal.

Auron using Power Break on an Iron Giant

There is a treasure chest on the left side of the path that contains an Ether. It’s just behind the structure where the dialogue takes place. And to the right side of the pathway is another chest that contains 2,000 gil. Use the screenshots to help you find them.

Rikku speaking to Yuna in the Thunder Plains

Keep going until you reach the Macalania Woods.

Picking up 2,000 gil in the Thunder Plains