Stat Maxing

Stat maxing is a process that involves leveling your characters through the Sphere Grid but specifically doing it in such a way as to ensure that your character’s stats are completely maxed out.

Completing the Sphere Grid is relatively easy but you will have to add Spheres to nodes in order to continue to increase each character’s stats. Note though that once you add a Sphere to the Sphere Grid it will appear in that same spot for all of your characters.

Obtaining the Perfect Sphere Master Trophy on the Sphere Grid
The stats window in the Sphere Grid

The maximum value for any of your stats is 255. You can view your character’s current stat values by navigating to the Sphere Grid and pressing the Triangle Button. The stat values that you can achieve are as follows:

Stat Maximum Value
HP 9,999
MP 999
Magic Defense

Warning! The Luck stat…

Maximizing the Luck stat can be extremely difficult and time consuming. It is also not necessary for completing any of the end game bosses, so it is recommended that you raise Luck as much as you can, but you do not need to maximize it to 255.

How to Maximize Your Stats

For starters, you are going to need to utilize two other strategies for leveling your characters through the Sphere Grid. These two strategies are the Quick Leveling / Power Leveling technique and obtaining Triple AP Weapons. Familiarize yourself with these two strategies before you continue:

You now need to progress your characters through the Sphere Grid and add Spheres to the empty nodes as you progress through it. Start by focusing on one character first and check out their stats. Next, pick a stat to maximize to 255 and begin filling empty nodes in the Sphere Grid with that Sphere.

You could start with Tidus and start by maximizing his Strength stat. You will need to farm Strength Sphere and then you need to farm Power Spheres to activate the Strength Spheres that you add to the Sphere Grid. Continue filling in the grid until you reach 255 with the stat.

Some characters have higher base-level stats than others. Tidus has high Strength, so he will require less Strength Spheres to be added to the Sphere Grid than, say, Yuna or Lulu. Make sure you add extra Spheres to the grid so that all characters can maximize their stats and use a Clear Sphere if you need to adjust the stats.

Sphere Types

To clarify, there are a number of different spheres that you can obtain. Purple Spheres are those used to fill in empty nodes on the Sphere Grid while Red Spheres are those that are used to activate the nodes. For example, a Strength Sphere would be added to a node and then activated by a Power Sphere.

You will need to farm both sets of Sphere types and the methods are outlined below.

Purple Spheres (Node Spheres)

Farming Purple Spheres is the more difficult of the two Spheres that you will need to obtain. You will need to defeat specific fiends at the battle Arena to obtain them. Each of the monsters that you will need to fight are outlined below:

Sphere Monster Arena Fiend
HP Sphere Ironclad (Species Conquest)
MP Sphere Vidatur (Species Conquest)
Strength Sphere Juggernaut (Species Conquest)
Defense Sphere Tanket (Species Conquest)
Magic Def Sphere One-Eye (Species Conquest)
Magic Sphere Jumbo Flan (Species Conquest)
Agility Sphere Fenrir (Species Conquest)
Evasion Sphere Pteryx (Species Conquest)
Accuracy Sphere Hornet (Species Conquest)
Luck Sphere Greater Sphere (Original)
Battle against an Earth Eater at the Monster Arena
Greater Sphere

Reminder! The Luck stat…

Farming Luck Spheres and Fortune Spheres is a tedious and drawn out process. It is helpful to farm a few of them but don’t spend too much time on obtaining high Luck as it is not required to complete any aspect of the game.

Red Spheres (Activators)

The best method of farming these Spheres, which include Power Spheres, Mana Spheres, Speed Spheres, Ability Spheres and Fortune Spheres, is to defeat Kottos in the Monster Arena. Make sure to use a Distiller during the battle to ensure that Kottos drops the Spheres that you require using any of the following Distiller items (which can be purchased from the Monster Arena owner):

Power Distiller
Mana Distiller
Speed Distiller
Ability Distiller

Kottos is and Area Conquest fiend in the Monster Arena.

Notably absent is any kind of “Fortune Distiller” which is an item that does not exist in the game. The only way to obtain a Fortune Sphere is to battle and defeat an Earth Eater. Earth Eater is a pain to defeat even when your characters are fully powered up, and every Luck Sphere node you activate will require a Fortune Sphere for each of your characters, making this a long and drawn out process if you plan to maximize Luck.

Obtaining the Perfect Sphere Master Trophy on the Sphere Grid
The stats window in the Sphere Grid

Use this method to maximize the stats of each of your characters (except Luck) up to 255. This will make many of the end game bosses easier to defeat.