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HP: 440,000

Kottos is an Area Conquest enemy that can be unlocked by capturing all of the fiends along the Mi’ihen Highroad.

Defeating Kottos (many times over) is one of the primary strategies involved when it comes to quickly leveling your characters. Check out the Stat Maxing page for additional information:

The most difficult aspect of dispatching with Kottos’ enemies is that they counterattack every time you hit them with an offensive ability. The counterattack is likely to kill your party members earlier on, before you have maximized your stats. Make sure that your characters are equipped with armor that contains the Auto-Phoenix auto-ability.

This battle is all about preparation. Consult the Best Armor section for more information on constructing strong armor to make sure that your party members can survive the onslaught.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor Immune
Scan Immune

Stamina Spring (x4) (common)
Soul Spring (x2) (rare)

Healing Spring (x2) (common)
Dark Matter (rare)