Best Armor - Customization
Tips and Tricks

Creating the best armor in Final Fantasy X is a process that involves gathering the raw materials and customizing an empty four slot armor. You can purchase empty armor from O’aka XXIII’s brother, Wantz, in the Macalania Woods, but only if you spoke to him on your way past him along the Mt. Gagazet Mountain Trail. The four slot armors include:

Tetra Shield
Tetra Ring
Tetra Armguard
Tetra Bangle
Tetra Armlet
Tetra Bracer
Tetra Targe

Check out the O’aka XXIII side quest section for details on Wantz and the shops you can access:

Alternatively, if Wantz has not appeared, you can travel to the Omega Ruins and battle enemies there. They each have a chance of dropping an empty piece of four slot armor although this is a much more time consuming method.

Auto-Abilities to Customize

So which auto-abilities should you add to your armor? There is some debate amongst gamers as to which auto-abilities are the best and whether some seemingly strong auto-abilities are even necessary. The guide will break down the auto-abilities into four classifications:

Must Have Auto-Abilities
These auto-abilities are commonly considered the strongest and should be added to nearly all armor pieces. There are a few situations where you won’t want to equip them and there are a few end game superbosses that can be defeated without these “must have” auto-abilities, but generally speaking, these are considered to be the best.

Strong Auto-Abilities
“Must have” auto-abilities will generally take up three slots on an empty four slot armor leaving you with room to add some “strong” auto-abilities that may be suited to your play style. These auto-abilities may also be situationally strong for certain boss fights.

Other Auto-Abilities
These are special auto-abilities that you will want to have on some armor pieces that you will keep in your inventory.

Unnecessary Auto-Abilities
These auto-abilities may seem useful to a more casual gamer but are not necessary and can be avoided.

Don’t be afraid to create multiple sets of armor with the various auto-abilities that you need. This can be expensive and time consuming to farm but there are no limitations to the number of variations of armor that you can have.

Auto-Phoenix equipment customization screen

Table of Auto-Abilities

So which auto-abilities are the strongest? A short list is included below while more details are included below the chart which detail how to obtain each auto-ability.

Importance Auto-Ability
Must Have Auto-Haste
Strong Auto-Protect
Defense +20%
Other No Encounters
Master Thief
Unnecessary Break HP Limit
Break MP Limit
Purchasing items from Wantz shop

Auto-Ability Descriptions and Details

Auto-Ability Description
This is the quintessential auto-armor ability. This auto-ability will increase the number of moves that your character can initiate in battle, increasing the damage they do and their ability to react situationally during battle. It also counters Slow automatically if it is cast on your characters or if a boss’s move would normally put you under the affect of Slow.

Raw materials required: Chocobo Wing x80
Auto-Phoenix Auto-Phoenix is a great way to setup your characters so that they can never be killed (unless all three of them are wiped at the same time). Auto-Phoenix will allow your characters to use a Phoenix Down automatically if one of their team members is KO’d during the battle.

Raw materials required: Mega Phoenix x20
Auto-Protect This auto-ability will cast the Protect spell automatically on the player and will significantly reduce the amount of damage done by physical attacks to the party member. This is considered a strong ability because many boss battles require you to protect your characters in order to survive powerful attacks.

Raw materials required: Light Curtain x70
Auto-Regen This auto-ability will automatically cast Regen on your party members allowing them to slowly regain health as the battle progresses. Each turn they will regain some HP. This auto-ability is strong in that it helps you keep your characters alive passively and farm more efficiently. It is not enough to protect yourself from the damage done by more powerful enemies though and supplemental healing will be required.

Raw materials required: Healing Spring x80
Auto-Potion This auto-ability does more that just use a Potion when you take damage. This auto-ability will also cause your team members to use a restorative item on themselves if they are hit by a negative status effect, such as Antidotes, Echo Screens and Remedies. If you make sure that you only have X-Potions and not other, lower level potions in your inventory, you can use the auto-ability to have your characters use an X-Potion on themselves to immediately recover any damage taken during a fight.

Raw materials required: Stamina Tablet x4
Ribbon This auto-ability prevents the character from being impacted by negative status effects. Having this auto-ability (or similar auto-abilities) is required to obtain a strategic advantage for some boss battles. It can take the place of Stoneproof auto-ability.

Raw materials required: Dark Matter x99
Stoneproof This auto-ability is not as strong as Ribbon but it is also not as difficult to obtain the raw materials required to add it. Having this auto-ability is required to survive a number of the superboss and end game battle.

Raw materials required: Petrify Grenade x20
Defense +20% This auto-ability is not as strong but it is required for a few of the high level boss battles. It reduces the amount of damage done by physical attacks.

Raw materials required: Blessed Gem x4
Break HP Limit
Break MP Limit
These two auto-abilities may look powerful, and many players do end up adding them, but they are not required and there are better auto-abilities that you can add. Very rarely does having HP over 9,999 make a difference during a fight and having extra MP is definitely not required.