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HP: 620,000

Hornet can be unlocked by capturing four of each Wasp-type fiend which includes each of the following:

· Killer Bee (Kilika)
· Bite Bug (Djose Highroad)
· Wasp (Macalania)
· Nebiros (Calm Lands)

Hornet is like the other Wasp-type fiends in that it can be difficult to hit for characters without high Accuracy and Luck stats. Its regular attack may inflict a number of negative status effects including Darkness, Silence or Sleep. It also has an attack called “Stab” which can cause Confusion and a move called “Venomous Stab” which will cause Poison.

Make use of Jinx, Luck and Aim to increase your odds of hitting Hornet. It may also begin casting Curaga on itself. Just cast Reflect on it in order to prevent this.

You should consider power leveling your characters and obtaining the Celestial Weapons. Check out the Advanced section of the Tips and Tricks for more information. With properly leveled characters this fight is fairly easy.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Immune to sensors.”
Scan “Immune to scans.”

Poison Fang (x4) (common)
Purifying Salt (x2) (rare)

Accuracy Sphere (common)
Dark Matter (rare)