Combat and Battle System
Tips and Tricks

The combat and battle system in Final Fantasy X is quite a bit different from the battle systems employed in previous games in the Final Fantasy series.

Tidus in the first battle of the game
Auron attacking the Sinscales

Turn-based Combat

Combat in Final Fantasy X takes place in a turn-based manner. Each participant will have a turn in battle and the order is determined by whichever participant is the quickest (has the most Agility, specifically). There is no time-limit and you can take as long as you want with each turn that comes up. Check out the CTB Window section for more details:

Once their turn arrives they will have the option to select a command using the Command window. The commands will change depending on what abilities the character has unlocked on the Sphere Grid: White Magic, Black Magic, Special Abilities and Skill Abilities. Check out each of those sections using the links below for more information:

During the battle, you may encounter a number of other one-off interactions including Trigger Commands, Overkills and Overdrives. Check out those sections of the guide by clicking on the links below for more information:

Battle Conclusion

At the conclusion of the battle your party members will be awarded “Ability Points” or AP. They may also be rewarded with items which may include weapons, armor and items.