Tips and Tricks

During any battle you will have the opportunity to “Overkill” an opponent. You may have already seen the “Overkill” label come up and battle and you may not have know what it meant or why it is important…

Overkilling an opponent can be done by doing much more damage than an enemies total HP. The Overkill amount is 1.5 times the enemy’s total HP. In other words, an enemy with 1,000 HP will be “overkilled” if you manage to deal a total of 1,500 HP worth of damage to it. For some enemies with exceptionally high HP though this value may be lower.

Why Overkill enemies?

Overkilling an enemy will cause you to receive up to twice the number of items as a reward when the battle has concluded. You will also receive up to twice the total AP for use on the Sphere Grid.