Airship Passwords & Hidden Coordinates
Side Quest

Al Bhed Passwords

There area a number of secret passwords and hidden coordinates that you can enter into the “NavMap” aboard the Airship in order to reach secret destinations. Some of these secret unreachable areas you may have noticed already during your travels if you saw them on your minimap.

You can actually discover these passwords by exploring within Final Fantasy X and seeking out all of the 1,000 year old ruins scattered across Spira (as mentioned by the game). You need to be able to read Al Bhed in order to decipher the ruins by seeking out each of the Al Bhed Primers.

This strategy guide is going to skip over those parts of the game though because you can access these areas without decoding the passwords on your own.

Inputing Al Bhed Passwords into the Airship location screen
The Input password screen

Talk to Cid on the bridge of the Airship to bring up the destination list. Select the “Input” option in order to enter the passwords. The three Al Bhed Passwords are:


Entering those passwords will allow you to enter the areas listed below.

Revisiting Mushroom Rock

Selecting the Mushroom Rock destination will put you on a secret path that leads to a treasure chest. The treasure chest can only be opened if you have already obtained the Celestial Mirror.

The chest contains the Godhand weapon for Rikku, though it still needs to be fully charged. Check out the Celestial Weapons section for more information.

Using the Celestial Mirror on the treasure chest at Mushroom Rock
Rikku holding the Godhand weapon

Revisiting the Besaid Ruins

Selecting the Besaid Ruins 1 destination will lead you to a treasure chest that contains Victorious, which is a mediocre piece of armor for Rikku.

Obtaining Victorious in Besaid Ruins 1

Revisiting the Besaid Ruins (again)

Selecting the Besaid Ruins 2 destination will lead you on a path to a treasure chest that contains Murasame, a mediocre weapon for Auron.

Picking up Murasame in Besaid Ruins 2

Hidden Coordinates

The only way to discover these locations without using a guide is to randomly guess and search different coordinates until you find them. Here are the coordinates of each of the unlockable locations:

Battle Site
(X41, Y57)

Obtain the Phantom Bangle armor for Lulu which has the Ice Eater, Fire Eater and Water Eater abilities.

Grabbing Phantom Bangle from the Battle Site
Besaid Falls
(X31, Y75)

Obtain the Dragoon Lance weapon for Kimahri which has the Magic Counter and Evade & Counter abilities.

The Besaid Falls Save Sphere and treasure chest containing Dragoon Lance
Mi’ihen Ruins
(X35, Y57)

Obtain the Sonar weapon for Rikku which has the Initiative and Poisonstrike abilities.

The Mi’ihen Ruins Save Sphere and obtaining Sonar
Sanubia Sands
(X15, Y42)

Obtain the Ascalon weapon for Tidus which has the Double AP ability.

The Sanubia Sands Save Sphere and treasure chest containing Ascalon
Baaj Temple
(X14, Y57)

There are a number of things to complete that involve venturing to Baaj Temple. Check out the Baaj Temple side quest section for additional information:

Using the search function on the NavMap to locate Baaj Temple
Omega Ruins
(X72, Y35)

There are a number of side quests that can be completed by venturing to the Omega Ruins, just like at Baaj Temple. Check out the Baaj Temple side quest section for additional information:

Activating the Omega Ruins location on the NavMap