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HP: 10,000,000

Nemesis can be unlocked in the Monster Arena by capturing all 10 of every fiend that you can find across Spira. You must then also defeat all of the various Monster Arena creations - this means all of the Area Conquest, Species Conquest and Original creation fiends. Once completed, you must leave the Monster Arena area and return and you will find Nemesis as the last entry under the Original creations section.

Start Game Screen
Character Advancement Sphere Grid

Nemesis is the strongest and most difficult fiend that you can battle in the Monster Arena. You will need to power level your characters and obtain their Celestial Weapons. Check out the Advanced section of the Tips and Tricks for more information. You will also most likely need to maximize their stats. Check out the Stat Maxing section for more details.

Start Game Screen
Character Advancement Sphere Grid

Nemesis’ attacks include a number of high powered moves. It will use a move called “Ethereal Cannon” which targets one of your party members for a ton of damage, “Ultra Spark” which hits all of your party members for a ton of damage (while also inflicting a number of negative status effects), and “Armageddon”, its ultimate attack, which hits all of your party members for 99,999 damage each. Finally, it may attack with a regular physical attack.

You’ll notice that the specific damage amount and the status effects are not listed… this is because it is unimportant. Nemesis’ attacks are likely going to kill your characters nearly every time its turn comes up. While there are some work-around ways to defeat Nemesis in earlier, pre-HD versions of the game, in the more modern remakes (PS4 and Nintendo Switch), using Auto-Life is practically a necessity.

Make sure that your characters have strong armor that includes Auto-Haste. It can also include Auto-Protect and Auto-Regen but these do not have as much importance during this fight due to the amount of times your party members will be KO’d. Ribbon is also unnecessary because, while “Ultra Spark” will inflict a number of negative status effects, it will also KO your party members.

Start Game Screen
Character Advancement Sphere Grid

Don’t over-think this battle. Just refresh Auto-Life each time your party members are KO’d and use Quick Hit to get in as many attacks as you can before Nemesis’ turn comes up.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Immune to sensors.”
Scan “Immune to scans.”

Lv. 4 Key Sphere (common)
Warp Sphere (rare)

Warp Sphere (common)
Dark Matter (rare)

Overcoming the Nemesis

You will recieve the Overcoming the Nemesis Trophy once you have successfully defeated Nemesis.

Overcoming the Nemesis Trophy