Nalbina Dungeons


Vaan will wake up in the Nalbina Dungeons with Balthier. Balthier will explain that they have been locked up in a prison/dungeon that are made up of the sealed off floors at the bottom levels of the Nalbina Fortress. He will also explain that Fran is off somewhere trying to find them a way out.

Nalbina Dungeons opening cinematic with Balthier

Explore the area in the first room of the dungeon. There is not much to see but there are a few treasure chests around the area which contain Knots of Rust.

These items can be used in battle to deal damage to enemies. Save your game at the Save Crystal after you are finished searching the area and proceed into the next room.

Central fountain of the Stockade in the Nalbina Dungeons

A fairly lengthy cutscene will take place involving Vaan being captured by three Seeqs – Galeedo, Gwitch and Daguzo. Balthier will join Vaan and the two will be thrown into battle against the three Seeqs once the cutscene is over.

Vaan getting jumped by three Seeqs in the Nalbina Dungeons

Both Balthier and Vaan are restricted to hand-to-hand combat using their fists, but defeating the three Seeqs is very easy. Start off by defeating Gwitch first as Gwitch is the only one of them who can Cure other team members.

Balthier and Vaan attacking the Seeqs whilst unarmed

The area will end up packed with other prisoners and then bombarded by Imperial Soldiers once the battle has ended. There will be a short cutscene involving a Judge (the self-proclaimed law keepers of Archadia and personal guards of House Solidor) and a bounty hunter named Ba’gamnan.

The Judge arriving in the Nalbina Dungeons

Balthier, Fran and Vaan will make a hasty exit from the area and will then start tailing the Judge.

Balthier, Fran and Vaan escaping from the Nalbina Dungeons

The Confiscatory

As mentioned above, do not open any of the treasure chests in the Confiscatory room after the party members have recovered their items and armor. Immediately leave the area. Travel over to the Save Crystal, save your game and refill your HP and MP. Continue east down the pathway into the next area.

Inside the Confiscatory

The Black Watch

This next room is full of Imperial Soldiers – however, this time, each of them have different attack styles. The different types include:

  • Imperial Hoplite
  • Imperial Magus
  • Imperial Marksman
  • Imperial Swordsman

The soldiers are still very easy to defeat, but in terms of strategy, you should focus on the ranged attackers before attempting to kill the melee attackers. The ranged attackers do more damage.

Black Watch Cinematic

There are several different paths that you can use to get to the next area. Take this opportunity to gain some experience and valuable loot by killing many (if not all) of the Imperial Soldiers.

Battling against an Imperial Hoplite in the Black Watch

You will get a chain bonus as each of the Imperial Soldiers are considered the same enemy type despite them using different attack styles.

There are potentially some treasure chests located around the room, depending on how lucky you are, so be sure to explore the second level of the area as well.

Battling another Imperial Soldier in the Black Watch

There is an opportunity at this point to make an additional special Imperial Soldier appear called an Imperial Pilot. It will appear near the beginning of the room if you defeat all of the other Imperial Soldiers in the area.

There is no added benefit to making the Pilot appear but you can go back and kill it if you choose only after killing all of the other Imperial Soldiers in the zone.

Battle against the rare Imperial Pilot

The doorway leading into the next room is located towards the northern section of the Black Watch room. There will be a short cinematic where the team will watch the Judge and his legion of soldiers break through the doorway.

Judge leaving the Nalbina Dungeons
Vaan, Balthier and Fran following the Judge out of the dungeon

There is one more cutscene before moving on to the next section of the game. This cutscene involves the Judge speaking directly with Basch, who is revealed to still be alive, and is being kept prisoner in the Nalbina Dungeons.

Judge interacting with Basch for the first time

The team will confront Basch and Vaan will lash out at him for killing his brother Reks – though Basch will insist that he did not kill Reks. The team will make a last minute escape by riding the cage that Basch is kept in down into the lower part of the dungeon. Basch then joins the party as a guest as they attempt to traverse through the Barheim Passage.

Vaan confronting Basch, his brother’s supposed killer

Use the map below to assist with navigation:

Map of the Nalbina Dungeons

(Click on the map to enlarge)