Viera Matchmaking
Side Quest

This side quest can be completed after you visit Jahara – Land of the Garif and speak to the Elder. Return to Rabanastre and look for a tall Viera in Southgate standing near the Chocobo Stables on the east side of the zone. Speak to her and she will explain how she yearns to find a soul mate. She will then walk off towards the center of Rabanastre after your conversation with her.

Speaking to the Viera in Southgate of Rabanastre
Watching the Viera for the Matchmaking side quest wander off

Make your way to the Southern Plaza and search for a “Lovestruck Man” standing on the north side of the fountain in the center of the plaza. The man will tell you about a beautiful Viera that he saw come through the area.

Travel to the Yamoora’s Gambits shop and search for the Viera one more time. She can be found on the upper level. Speak to her again and she will mention that she is going to go get a drink to “wash away the fatigue of [her] journey”.

Speaking to the Lovestruck Man near the Southern Plaza fountain in Rabanastre
Talking to the Wandering Viera again in Yamoora’s Gambits

Find her one more time on the top level of the Sandsea and speak to her again.

Speaking to the Wandering Viera in the Sandsea of Rabanastre

You now have the option of setting the Viera up with the Lovestruck Man that you met at the fountain or with a man named Lord Vain in Yamoora’s Gambit Shop. Selecting Lord Vain will end up with you receiving a Loxley Bow as a reward but choosing the Lovestruck Man will net you a Loxley Bow and two Hi-Potions.

Return to fountain, speak to the Lovestruck Man and then return to the Sandsea and speak with the Viera again.

Convincing the Lovestruck Man to meet up with the Wandering Viera
Speaking to the Wandering Viera in the Sandsea about the Lovestruck Man

Go back out to the fountain one more time and speak to the Viera to obtain your reward.

Obtaining a Loxley Bow and 2 Hi-Potions for completing the Wandering Viera side quest

This concludes the Viera Matchmaking side quest.