Bestiary entry from the Clan Primer:

Midgardsormr Clan Primer image


Common - (40-55%) Snake Skin
Uncommon - (25-40%) Sakura-saezuri
Rare - (3-12%) (Nothing)
Very Rare - (1-5%) (Nothing)
With Monograph: Arcana
With Canopic Jar: High Arcana

Percentages listed above are based on the chain level of the enemy killed. Check out the Grinding and Power Leveling page for more information.


Common - (55%) Great Serpent’s Fang
Uncommon - (10%) (Nothing)
Rare - (3%) (Nothing)


Common - (95%) Pebble
Uncommon - (5%) Prime Tanned Hide


· Golmore Jungle - Paths of Chained Light*

* The Midgardsormr has a 20% chance of spawning each time you enter the Paths of Chained Light area of the Golmore Jungle. Just exit and re-enter until it appears.