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HP: 2,000,000

Shinryu can be unlocked in the Monster Arena by capturing two of each of the three underwater fiends at Mt. Gagazet. This includes Achelous, Maelspike and Splasher.

Because Shinryu is an underwater creation only Tidus, Wakka and Rikku will be available for this fight as they are the only players that are capable of fighting underwater.

You should consider power leveling your characters and obtaining the Celestial Weapons. Check out the Advanced section of the Tips and Tricks for more information. Properly leveled characters with their strongest weapons is a necessity for this battle.

Shinryu will counterattack regular attacks and will also use a move called “Eraser”. This move has a potential to cause the Petrify status effect. This status will ignore any Ribbon and Stoneproof auto-abilities. So really, the only way to get around having your characters petrified and removed from the battle is to defeat Shinryu quickly.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Immune to sensors.”
Scan “Immune to scans.”

Gambler’s Spirit (common)
Three Stars (rare)

Wings to Discovery (common)
Dark Matter (rare)