Fiend Listing - Monster Arena

Monster Arena > Original > Catastrophe

HP: 2,200,000

Catastrophe can be unlocked in the Monster Arena by unlocking six other Area Conquest fiends.

The battle against Catastrophe is made up of two parts: the first with its shell closed and the second part with its shell opened. With its Shell closed, it will use a move called “Toxic Cloud” which will inflict Confuse, Curse and Poison. Make sure that your party members have the Ribbon auto-ability or at least be sure that they have the Confuseproof auto-ability attached.

Make sure that each of your characters have the Auto-Phoenix auto-ability and that you have a heavy stockpile of Phoenix Down. Consider also using Auto-Life as well to keep your party members alive. Aside from that, there isn’t much strategy involved…

You should consider power leveling your characters and obtaining the Celestial Weapons. Check out the Advanced section of the Tips and Tricks for more information. With properly leveled characters this fight is fairly easy.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Immune to sensors.”
Scan “Immune to scans.”

Gambler’s Spirit (common)
Lv. 2 Key Sphere (rare)

Designer Wallet (common)
Dark Matter (rare)