Locations Mt. Gagazet

Mt Gagazet (Mount Gagazet) is the homeworld of the Ronso tribe, including Kimahri, Kelk, Biran and Yenke Ronso. The area is made up of a long pathway that leads to the Mt. Gagazet Caves and it is connected to the Calm Lands.

Tidus entering Mt. Gagazet with pillars on either side of the pathway
The team standing on the Mount Gagazet Mountain Trail

The story takes the team through Mt. Gagazet towards the later half of the game. Mt. Gagazet includes the mountain trail and the Mt. Gagazet Caves. Use either of the links below for more information:

The last of the Jecht Spheres can be found in this area. Check out the Jecht Sphere side quest section for additional details: