Gold Saucer
North Corel and the Date Scene

Note that this is the second visit to Gold Saucer. that occurs after you have reached Rocket Town. If you are looking for the first visit click on the following link for more information on the first visit to Gold Saucer.

Tiny Bronco parked near Gold Saucer
North Corel from the World Map

Travel through North Corel and take the tram at the Ropeway Station back to Gold Saucer. Hopefully you can afford a 30,000 gil lifetime Gold Ticket this time at the front entrance. You will be back at Gold Saucer a number of times later on in the game so there is no harm in purchasing it.

Ropeway Station in North Corel leading to Gold Saucer
Entrance to Gold Saucer

The story continues at Battle Square.

You should take some time to properly equip Cloud for some upcoming fights that he is about to have in Battle Square. You will win a Choco Feather and a Protect Vest if you manage to make it past all 8 rounds. These items are not particularly rare (so don’t worry if you lose) but you may as well attempt the battle fully prepared.

Equip Cloud with his strongest weapon (which is likely the Yoshiyuki sword you picked up in Rocket Town) and the strongest armor (which is likely the Edincoat armor which you won when you defeated Palmer in Rocket Town or an Adaman Bangle).

Make sure that you equip Counter Attack Materia, HP Plus Materia (as many as you have room for), Long Range Materia (while putting Cloud in the back row), Restore Materia and an Enemy Skill Materia.

Battle Square in Gold Saucer

Enter Dio’s Showroom which can be found on the right side of the Arena Lobby. Inspect the Keystone which is sitting on the pedestal in the middle of the room.

Dio will come in behind you and offer you the opportunity to “entertain him” by showing you his fighting skills. Do your best during the ensuing battles but it does not matter how you perform. Dio will provide you with the Keystone regardless of how far you make it.

The Keystone in Dio’s Showroom in Battle Square

Make your way back to the entrance of Gold Saucer (listed as “Station” in the warp area) and speak to the man standing in front of the tram. He will inform you that the tram is out of order right now.

Trying to leave Gold Saucer and the tram is broken

The team will decide to spend the night in the Ghost Hotel. There will be a fair bit more story and talking when they arrive.

The team in the Ghost Square hotel lobby

The next scene occurs in the middle of the night. One of four people will join Cloud in his room. It could be either Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or Barret and they will be involved in the upcoming date scene.

The person that Cloud goes out on a date with will differ depending on the choices you made and the things that you did leading up to this point in the game. Check out the Gold Saucer Date Mechanics side quest section for more information on how this works.

The person most likely to go out on a date with Cloud is Aeris and the second most likely is Tifa. In order to have Cloud go on a date with either Yuffie or yes, even Barret, you will have to make sure that you follow the guidelines mentioned earlier in this guide.

It is fairly difficult to do without already knowing how and following all the required steps. The screenshots included below include Aeris.

Best Bromance

If you managed to follow the steps and make the right selections up to this point in the game, Cloud’s date for the evening will be Barret. The dialogue during these scenes is quite funny as Barret clearly has no interest in Cloud whatsoever.

Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain the Best Bromance Trophy if you missed it at this point in the game.

Date Scene with Cloud and Barret
Best Bromance Trophy Icon
Cloud in the room of the Ghost Square Hotel

It does not matter what selections you make during the performance at Event Square. Some screenshots from the gondola ride are included below:

The play at Event Square with Cloud and Aeris
Aeris and Cloud on the Gondola
Gold Saucer during the date scene

On the way back Cloud and his date will come across Cait Sith in Station Square and will have to chase him down. He will go to Battle Square, then Speed Square, then Wonder Square.

Cait Sith in the Station Square

Chase Cait Sith around the giant Chocobo mascot and then follow him to Chocobo Square. Travel up into the Ticket Office and chase him around the Bookmaker’s office. Follow him back out the front to end the chase.

Chocobo Square with Cait Sith giving away the Keystone

The game continues in the bedroom of the Ghost Hotel. Turn around and open the cabinet to receive an Elixir and then exit the room.

You will be stuck with Aeris on your team for now. Her, Cloud and one other party member will be able to make the trip to the Temple of the Ancients.

Picking up the Elixir in the Ghost Hotel room

Travel back down to Station Square and then to the tram which is now operational and leave Gold Saucer. Make your way back to the Tiny Bronco on the shores near the Gold Saucer desert.

Aeris joining Cloud for the trip to the Temple of the Ancients