Lindblum Grand Castle

Lindbloom Cinematic
The Cargo Ship exiting the gate


The game continues inside the Hallway of Lindblum Grand Castle inside a hallway with a large fountain in the middle of the room. Travel up the staircase on the right side of the screen and then go through the doorway at the back of the hallway on the second floor.

The entrance to Lindblum Castle
Zidane in the middle of Lindblum Castle

There are two treasure chests in the Guest Bedroom, one which contains a Glass Armlet and one which contains an Ether. Speak to Mogki the Moogle and save your game. Don’t forget to give Mogki the letter from Kumop whom you met in the underground area of the Village of Dali. Accept the letter from Mogki to Atla as well.

There’s nothing else that you can do inside Lindblum Grand Castle for now so head back to the hallway that you started off in and follow Minister Artania south past the two guards.

The next section of the game involves a lot of story and cutscenes. Minister Artania will take Zidane, Princess Garnet, Vivi and Steiner up the lift to the Upper Level of the castle. He will then introduce the team to Reagent Cid who has currently been transformed into an Oglop.

Zidane speaking to Mogki in the Guest Room
Regent Cids throne room Gwok-Gwok!

Zidane will leave the castle to head down into the Business District of Lindblum where he will run into an old friend - and the next character to join your team. Her default name is Freya and she will be referred to as such throughout this walkthrough.

Freya and Zidane meeting in the pub
The Freya naming screen

Lindblum Inn / Business District

There are a few more scenes that take place involving Dagger and Reagent Cid in the castle and another scene with the Moogles near the swamp before you find yourself back in control of Zidane.

There is a Moogle in the next room named Moodon - save your game and select the Mognet option to pickup a letter for Zidane. There is a hidden stash of 163 gil in the bottom-left corner of the main floor of the Inn.

Zidane waking up in the Lindblum Inn
Picking up the gil in the Lindblum Inn

Main Street

You get to watch another Active Time Event (ATE) when you leave called “Small-Town Knight in a Big City”. Walk north up the street and away from the camera. You should find yourself in the “Shopping Area” which is the same place where the ATE took place with Steiner next to the Gysahl pickle stand.

Enter the house on the far side of the street (shown in the screenshot below). There are two treasure chests in the upper floor - one contains a Hi-Potion and the other contains an Echo Screen.

The Lindblum Main Street
Gysahl Pickle Stand area

Exit the house and take the alleyway to the left of that house that leads north. This area is called Church Street. There is a hidden treasure chest in the tree on the right side of the screen (shown in the screenshot below) that contains a Tent.

Go into the Church and climb the ladder near the alter. On the right side of the screen is another hidden chest that contains a Leather Plate.

Outside of the church in the Business District
Leather Plate in the Church on Church Street

Head back to the “Shopping Area” which is the square with the Gysahl pickle stand. This time follow the street that leads off to the right. There are three different shops available in area and the items sold at each are listed below:

Dragoo’s Weapon Shop:

Mage Masher
Mythril Dagger
Iron Sword
Leather Wrist
Glass Armlet
Bronze Gloves
Silver Gloves
Steepled Hat
Iron Helm
Leather Plate
Linen Cuirass

Alice’s Item Shop:

Phoenix Downs
Echo Screen
Eye Drops

Lindblum Synthesis Shop:

Butterfly Sword
The Ogre
Cotton Robe
Desert Boots
Yellow Scarf
Glass Buckle

You can steal some Silver Gloves off the workbench at the back of the Synthesis Shop. The Ogre is a fairly significant weapon upgrade for Zidane so feel free to purchase it if you have two Mage Mashers and 700 gil to spare. You may want to hold off on removing his Mythril Dagger though if he has not learned Bandit ability yet.

The shopping area of the Business District
Picking up the Silver Gloves in the Lindblum Synthesis Shop

Travel back to the Inn and go through the doorway on the opposite side of the street. There’s another quick ATE that will play when you enter called “Vivi’s Shopping”. Jump into the Air Cab located on the left side of the screen and choose to fly to the Industrial District next.

Industrial District

Travel up the stairwell and into the Industrial District and spin around once you reach the square. There is a hidden treasure chest near the camera that contains a Leather Wrist (shown in the screenshot below).

Travel up the stairway at the back which leads to “Industrial Way”. On the left side of the screen is “The Doom Pub” which is where the scene with Freya took place. On the right side of the wall on the outside of the pub is a hidden Bronze Vest.

Leather Wrist Chest in the Industrial District
Bronze Vest outside of the pub in the Industrial District

Continue northward until you reach the house at the end of the street. There are two treasure chests on the second floor of the Residence - one contains a Mimic Card and the other contains a Steepled Hat. Now travel back to the Air Cab station and take the Air Cab to the Theater District.

Theater District

Exit the Theater and another Active Time Event will be available (“Steam Engine”). Check near the shrubs in the foreground of the screen to find 127 gil hidden on the ground.

Go through the doorway on the right side of the screen into the “Studio” and open the treasure chest to pick up an Ore. Travel down the stairs which lead to “Theater Avenue”.

Secret Treasure Chest in the Theater District
Residence in the Theater District

The Tantalus Hideout is located through the doorway on the left side of the screen but you should skip past it first. Travel south down the stairs leading to the right.

There is a crowd of people gathered in front of the Feugert Memorial Theater entrance - talk to the “Fan Club Chairman” (the one wearing purple). A short scene while occur involving a popular actor named Lowell.

The Theater District near the entrance to Tantalus Hideout
Meeting the Fan Club near the Feugery Memorial Theater

Follow the Moogle back to the Studio near the entrance/exit to the Air Cab station and speak to Lowell. Lowell will give you his Autograph on the condition that you not tell anyone that he is there.

Search the bottom-right side of the screen in the Studio to find the Moogle Suit as well. These two items cannot be obtained later on in the game.

Following the gigantic Moogle
Picking up the Moogle Suit

Travel back down the stairs and through the doorway into the Tantalus Hideout. There is another Active Time Event that you cannot skip (“What can I do?”). Grab all three treasure chests (282 gil, 68 gil and 97 gil) and examine the bed on the upper level to pick up a Mini-Burmecia (a collectible item that serves no purpose other than to raise your treasure hunter rank later on in the game).

One more ATE, “Baku and his Crew”, becomes available as soon as you exit the hideout.

The entrance to the Tantalus Hideout
Mini-Burmecia in the Tantalus Hideout

The next stop is to travel to back to Lindblum Castle (as suggested by the kids) to meet up with Princess Garnet. Go back to the Air Cab Station and choose to “Fly to [Lindblum Castle]”.

Lindblum Castle

Follow the pathway back up to Princess Garnet’s room and speak to Steiner when you arrive. Steiner will explain that Princess Garnet has gone missing.

Travel back towards the elevator and the guard standing in the way will tell you that only authorized persons are allowed to use the elevator. It’s time to find a disguise for Zidane.

Travel back to the red room with the set of stairs on the right side of the screen and speak to the sleeping guard on the lower level. Then head back into the previous room and jump on the lift.

Returning to the Guest Room in Lindblum Castle
Waking up the sleeping guard to steal a disguise

Take the stairway on the left side of the screen leading through the Machine Room and follow the next staircase leading to the top of the castle. Zidane will meet up with Princess Garnet at the top of the castle.

The upper floors of Lindblum Grand Castle
The machine room of Lindblum Grand Castle

Zidane will be presented with an opportunity to look through the telescope lens at the scenery surrounding Lindblum. There are six marked areas that you can view:

- The Marshland
- The Aerbs Mountains (x2)
- The South Gate
- The ??? Forest
- The Ceebell River

There are a few more talking scenes involving Zidane and Dagger. It’s time to move on to the hunt.

Zidane cinematic at Lindblum Castle
Dagger cinematic at Lindblum Castle

Using the lens to view the area around Lindblum

Festival of the Hunt

Explanation: The Festival of the Hunt is a race to accumulate points by defeating monsters (Fangs, Mus and Trick Sparrows) within the allotted time frame of 12 minutes. The monsters can be found wandering throughout each of the districts - not inside any of the residences or buildings.

Travel down to the Air Cab when you are ready to begin the festival.

Festival of the Hunt instructions
Elite Guard listing the rewards

Zidane, Freya and Vivi will all enter the tournament individually and you (Zidane) will be in competition against Freya and Vivi. The prize that you can obtain depends on who wins the hunt:

- 5,000 gil if Zidane wins
- Theater Ship Card if Vivi wins
- Coral Ring if Freya wins

The Theater Ship Card does not hold much value and you can obtain gil anywhere, so it makes no sense to let Vivi or Zidane with the festival. Your goal is to allow Freya to win so that you can obtain the Coral Ring (which absorbs lightning-based damage and teaches her the Lancer ability). There is no date scene between Zidane and Dagger if he wins so don’t worry about missing any storyline.

Freya will only win the hunt if the festival ends while she is in the lead or if Zidane is disqualified. The difficulty comes into play when dealing with the most powerful monster in the Festival of the Hunt: Zaghnol.

Zaghnol appears in the Business District near the shop plaza after the timer has gone past the 4:30 mark. You have to leave the area and reenter in order to make Zaghnol appear if you are already in the shop plaza area.

Freya will join in on the fight however she is incapable of dealing the killing blow to Zaghnol unless Zidane is KO’d (this is due to the mechanics of the fight and it cannot be changed).

This means that you have to be very careful not to have Zidane deal the killing blow to Zaghnol or it could put him into the lead. You need to battle him though as you’ll want to steel both the Mythril Gloves and Needle Fork from him before the remaining ~4:30 have expired. Make sure that Zidane has the Bandit ability equipped before the fight!

Travel down to the Air Cab when you are ready to begin the festival.

Start of the Festival of the Hunt
Battle against Fangs, Mus and Trick Sparrows

There are monsters located in each of the districts - 6 in the Business District, 4 in the Theater District and 4 more in the Industrial District. You can essentially ignore all of these though as the goal here is to ensure that Freya wins.

Travel to the Business District and wait for the timer to reach 4:30. You can take care of the monsters in this area if you would like to. Initiate the fight against Zaghnol by leaving and reentering the plaza in the Business District.

Boss Battle: Zaghnol

Level: 9
HP: 1,574

Have Zidane use the Steal command as often as he can until he has stolen both the Mythril Gloves and the Needle Fork. Keep him alive long enough to get Zaghnol as close to 0 HP as it can be relatively tough for Freya to do on her own within the allotted time frame.

Once you get Zaghnol close to death have Zidane attack himself (and hopefully KO himself) and then have Freya land the killing blow.

Zaghnol attacking the children in the square
Boss battle against Zaghnol

Mythril Gloves (common)
Needle Fork (uncommon)

· (Nothing)

The reward for having Freya win the hunt is a Coral Ring as well as a Master Hunter key item.

A-Hunting We Will Go

You can obtain a trophy by allowing Vivi to win the Festival of the Hunt. This is for the A-Hunting We Will Go Trophy. Just restart your game after you have won the Festival with Vivi. In order to guarantee that Vivi wins the Festival of the Hunt just make sure that Freya and Zidane are KO’d during the battle against Zaghnol or another battle shortly thereafter.

A-Hunting We Will Go Trophy

The story continues with a Burmecia soldier barging into the throne room to let Reagent Cid know that there has been an attack on the Kingdom of Burmecia.

There is a short feast scene at a table with no chairs where the entire party is drugged by Princess Garnet. The Princess and Steiner will depart while everyone is asleep. After they wake up Freya will suggest that the whole team head for Gizamaluke’s Grotto - your next destination.

Coral Ring reward in the throne room
Freya suggesting that the group travel to Gizamaluke’s Grotto


Before you leave the area though there are a few things that you should do. Freya has now joined Zidane’s party (along with Vivi) so be sure to equip her with some abilities as soon as you are able to.

You can save your game by taking the lift down the the “Mid-Level” in the Guest Room. Taking the lift down to the Base Level will lead you down to the cabs that can take you to the Dragon’s Gate (or Serpent’s Gate). Stay on the Mid Level and exit Lindblum Castle by taking the Air Cab to the Business District to purchase some new equipment.

It is at this point in the game that you can utilize the Cotton Robe Synthesis Trick to earn some extra gil, but only if you stocked up on Wrists while you were in the Village of Dali. Check out the Cotton Robe Synthesis Trick section in the Tips and Tricks section for more information.

Traveling from the Grand Castle by Air Cab
The Cotton Robe Synthesis Trick

Stop by the Synthesis Shop and be sure to purchase/synthesize:

Cotton Robe for Vivi (Required Items: Wrists, which needs to be purchased in the Village of Dali or must already be worn by a character and a Steepled Hat)

The Ogre for Zidane (Required Items: Two Mage Mashers)

Yellow Scarf for Zidane (Required Items: Feather Hat and Steepled Hat)

Glass Buckle x2 (Required Items: Glass Armlet and Leather Wrist)

Travel back to Lindblum Castle on the Air Cab and then take the lift down to the “Base Level”. Choose to ride the trolley on the right side of the room which leads to the Serpent’s Gate.

There are a few items you can pick up here before exiting Lindblum. There is a treasure chest right on the train platform that contains a Wyerd Card. Serpent’s Gate is currently empty though so take the trolley through to Dragon’s Gate.

Traveling to the Serpent’s Gate
Hidden Wyerd Card at the Serpent’s Gate

Speak to Moonte the Moogle and provide him with the letter from Stiltzkin. There is a hidden treasure chest on the right side of the gate that contains a Tent.

Stock up on any items you need by speaking to the old man in the shorts, save your game, and then head out through the Dragon’s Gate.

Keep in mind that your party will not have a healer in it so it would be a good idea to stock up on Potions and a few Tents. Don’t buy the other items because if you plan to play the Chocobo Hot & Cold side quest though, which becomes available shortly. You will receive plenty of these other items as rewards while completing that side quest.

Dragon’s Gate and the exit of Lindblum
Moonte the Moogle

The next destination is Gizamaluke’s Grotto however there are a number of optional areas you can reach before you travel there - many of which are highly recommended to explore which are outlined on the next page.