Main Street

The story continues in the town of Alexandria and you will now find yourself in control of a new character named Vivi (though he hasn’t officially been named in the game yet). Proceed south from the starting location.

The Alexandria title screen

The square with the large statue in the middle has a number of hidden items that you can find. The first is located in the left corner closest to the screen (shown in the screenshot below) which is a Zombie Card. At the very back wall behind the statue is a Lizard Man Card. There is a Sahagin Card in the doorway on the back left side. The last item is a Potion located near the statue on the left side.

Return to the previous screen where Vivi started off.

Vivi in the southern town square
Vivi picking up items in southern Alexandria

Continue up the pathway and you will run into “Rat Kid”. On the left side of the screen are two hidden Potions. On the right side of this same pathway is a doorway which leads to the Residence of an NPC that is busy sewing.

Check out the left side of the room to find a bed with 9 gil hidden near the baseboard. There is another Potion located near the table on the main floor. Finally, there is a Fang Card located in the drawers up on the second floor. Exit the Residence back onto the street and proceed north to the next area.

Picking up the Potion on the left side of the alleyway
Vivi on the second floor of the residence

A quick scene will take place involving some nobles from Treno. Search the bushes near the camera view on the right side to find 33 gil. The bushes on the left contain a Goblin Card.

Enter the Tavern/Pub on the far side of the screen. The wall on the left side of the room has 27 gil hidden on the floor. The barrel in the bottom left corner of the room contains a Flan Card and the barrel on the bottom right side contains another Potion. Go back out onto the street and continue to the left.

Further down the street in Alexandria
Vivi in the Pub/Tavern

Enter the Item Shop on the right side of the screen. You can find 38 gil lying on the ground near the corner closest to the camera. Go back out and head north to find the Town Square.

Vivi on a street
38 gil stashed in the Item Shop

There isn’t much that you can do in the Town Square just yet. Start off by examining the Ticket Booth and speaking to the Ticketmaster. Show the Ticketmaster your ticket and he will explain that it is a fake ticket. He will give you a Goblin Card, Fang Card and a Skeleton Card to make you feel better.

Vivi entering the main Alexandria Square
Turning in the Ticket at the Ticket Booth

Now let’s begin gathering all of the items in this area. Head to the back portion of the square to find Hippaul standing on the right near the guards. On the opposite side of the pathway, near the cart wheel, is a Phoenix Pinion.

Enter the Synthesis Shop on the farthest-right side of the screen. There is a hidden Ether on the right side of the room.

Phoenix Pinion hidden behind a cart
Hidden Ether in the Synthesis Shop

You can choose to jump rope with the three girls on the left side of the square. The “Jumping Rope Minigame” (if you can call it that) is fairly easy once you get the timing down. Ignore everything except for the exclamation point over Vivi’s head which tells you exactly when you need to jump. The prizes are not all that impressive:

20 Jumps: 10 gil
50 Jumps: Cactus Card
100 Jumps: Genji Card
200 Jumps: Alexandria Card
300 Jumps: Tiger Racket Card
1,000 Jumps: King of Jump Rope (Key Item - does nothing except offer an achievement to obtain)

Skip to My Lou

There are two trophies that you can obtain by jumping rope 1000 times. This is your first chance to obtain them. The two trophies are the Skip to My Lou Trophy and the Hail to the King Trophy. You will have another chance to complete this mini-game later on if you can’t complete it now.

Skip to My Lou Trophy

Proceed down the alley to the left after you have finished in the Square to continue the story.

Vivi completing the jump rope mini game
Walking down the alleyway and meeting Rat Kid


Proceed down the alleyway and Vivi will trip which will cause Dante the Signmaker to come down and scream at him. Rat Kid will make a return shortly after and will ask you about your fake ticket. It does not matter which response you select to his question.

Rat Kid will offer to help you watch the show if you become his slave. Again, it does not matter which choice you select when prompted. Follow Rat Kid into the next area to continue.

Meeting Rat Kid for the first time

By the Steeple

Enter the house on the left before you make your way down to the Steeple. On the left side of the room you will find some Eye Drops hiding in the corner. Go into the Steeple (which looks like a large church) and search the right side of the room to find a Potion.

There is also a Tent located just to the left of the entrance to the Steeple. Climb the ladder in the center of the room up to the bell tower and choose to “Pull [the] rope” when you reach the top. Doing so will reveal Hippaul’s treasure (an Ironite Card, Goblin Card and Fang Card).

Vivi on Steeple Road
Entering the Steeple

Make your way back to the Alley and through on back to the Square. Then return to the Alley once more to find Rat Kid again. Speak to him and choose to become his slave this time when he asks you (by selecting “Alright”).

Rat Kid will have you stand watch for him. Tell him that it is all clear and he will steal the ladder and proceed back towards the Steeple. Try to go up the ladder and you will be ambushed by a Moogle named Kupo.

Rat Kid giving Vivi his first assignment as a slave
Meeting Kupo the Moogle in Alexandria

Moogles are responsible for saving your progress throughout Final Fantasy IX in their “Moogle diary”. They are also involved in a side quest involving mail called Mognet.

Speak to Kupo before you proceed up the ladder to have him give you a brief explanation of the side quest - but you can check the Mognet Central side quest section for more information. Save your progress before you continue and then proceed up the ladder. Make sure you ask Kupo for the letter that he wants delivered to Monty!

Follow Rat Kid across the wooden planks to cross the rooftops. There is a chimney on the second rooftop, towards the bottom-left side of the screen, that you can examine to pick up 29 gil.

You will be given the opportunity to name the character you are in control of as you approach the next rooftop. As mentioned on the previous page, this guide will continue to refer to each character by their default name, therefore it is suggested that you leave this character’s name as “Vivi”.

Vivi on the rooftops of Alexandria
Vivi naming screen

Travel across the wooden planks to the right of where Rat Kid, now identified as “Puck”, was previously standing by walking around the platform and down the stairs. On the far right side of the screen is another chimney that you can examine to find 63 gil.

Alexandria Castle lit up during the performance
Rat Kid and Vivi entering Alexandria Castle

There is one last chimney towards the top-left side of the screen that has 92 gil hiding in it. Travel over to where Puck is standing (top-right side of the screen) to continue into the next area.

Alexandria Castle lit up during the performance
Rat Kid and Vivi enjoying the performance

“I Want to Be Your Canary” Performance

There are a few short cutscenes before the next boss battle against King Leo, though this battle is entirely for show. You only have the option to use either a regular attack or use the “SFX” command which does not do any damage but serves to entertain the crowd.

Queen Brahne enjoying the performance
Steiner watching Queen Brahne and Princess Garnet

Don’t waste your time attacking the two Zeneros standing beside the King.

Battle during I Want to Be Your Canary

Zidane and Blank will be involved in a short sword battle scene following the fight with King Leo. Follow along with Blank’s commands and try to impress as many nobles as you can. You will receive the following prizes based on how well you do:

· 1-49 impressed: Ether
· 50-79 impressed: Elixir
· 80-99 impressed: Silk Shirt
· 100 impressed: Moonstone

You can attempt this as many times as you would like. You will obtain up to 10,000 gil as well once you are finished. The rewards listed above can be obtained slightly further into the game.

Some tips for getting a higher score: turn the sound off and block the parts of the screen that you don’t need to see. Getting a score of 100 is incredibly difficult even with quick reaction times and the rewards are not that impressive so don’t waste too much time on this mini-game (unless you intend to obtain either of the trophies noted below).

A Round of Applause

Despite the fact that the rewards are not very good, you can obtain the A Round of Applause Trophy by impressing 80 nobles and having them demand an encore.

A Round of Applause Trophy

Over the Moon

In order to obtain the Over the Moon Trophy you will need to obtain all four Moonstones that are available in the game. One of the Moonstones is a prize that you receive for impressing 100 Nobles, so you will need to receive the maximum score in this mini-game order to obtain the Over the Moon Trophy.

Over the Moon Trophy

Sword battle between Zidane and Blank
100 nobles watching and 95 were impressed

The game continues inside Alexandria Castle once the sword fight has concluded