M.S. Prima Vista (Theater Ship)

Welcome to the jegged.com walkthrough and strategy guide for Final Fantasy IX! Let’s get started…

Intro Screen for Final Fantasy IX
Main Title Screen

The Cargo Room

The story begins with our main character, Zidane, in the Cargo Room of the Theater Ship, also known as the M.S. Prima Vista. Make your way into the middle of the room and press X near the table to light up the candle. You will be provided with an option to name the main character. The default name for this character is Zidane and he will be referred to as such throughout this walkthrough - I would recommend keeping his default name.

The Cargo Room of the M.S. Prima Vista
Naming Screen for Zidane

Four of Zidane’s comrades will enter the room - Blank, Cinna and Marcus. A forth character with a large dragon mask will enter the room and force you and the rest of your party into battle.

Boss Battle: Masked Man

Each of your three party members are thief-class characters so each of them are capable of stealing items. Make sure that you steal all three items from Masked Man before you defeat him. This boss does barely any damage and is fairly easy to defeat. He will even miss with some of his attacks - tripping instead of doing any actual damage.

Masked Man boss battle
Zidane and crew battling Baku in his Masked Man form

HP: 188
Potion, Wrist, Mage Masher

All four of your party members will meet up with Baku (the Masked Man revealed) in the next room to go over the battle plans. The crew plan to raid the castle and kidnap Princess Garnet. The next phase of the story continues in the city of Alexandria.