Alexandria Castle

The story continues with Zidane and Blank inside Alexandria Castle while the performance of “I Want to Be Your Canary” continues outside the walls.

Start off by equipping the Mage Masher that you stole from Baku (dressed as the Masked Man) as this is the first time you have had control of Zidane since that fight. There will be battles coming up and having the Mage Masher equipped will make them much easier.

Go directly up the stairs on the right side of the room and another dialogue scene will take place with a “Hooded Girl”.

Alexandria Castle Title Screen
Zidane in Alexandria Castle

You have the option to either “Let her pass” or “Examine her face”. You can choose either option - both will result in her rushing past both Zidane and Blank and escaping. There is a short dialogue scene involving two ancillary characters named Zorn and Thorn before the game continues with you being in control of Steiner.

Zidane meeting Princess Garnet
Steiner naming screen

His default name in the game is Steiner but, as with all characters in Final Fantasy IX, you have the opportunity to change his name to whatever you’d like. This guide will continue to refer to him by his default name throughout.

You first gain control of Steiner in the original hallway of the castle on the main floor. Climb back up the stairs and go south to speak with Queen Brahne to receive your reward from the sword fight mini-game (either an Ether, Elixir, Silk Shirt or a Moonstone depending on how many nobles you impressed).

Queen Brahne, Steiner and Beatrix

Go back downstairs and into the room that Zidane and Blank started off in. There is a Phoenix Down located at the foot of the bed in the bottom-left corner of the screen and there is a Moogle on the right side of the screen where you can save your game.

Don’t forget to select the “Mognet” option to provide the letter from Mosh regarding how you fared while playing the jump rope mini-game with Vivi in Alexandria.

Steiner picking up a Phoenix Down
The list of Knights of Pluto posted on the wall

Finding the Knights of Pluto

There is another mini-game that you can complete at this point which involves locating and speaking to each of the Knights of Pluto. The reward for finding them all is an Elixir - an incredibly useful item. The Knights that you need to find are listed on the wall (and shown in the screenshot above):

I. Captain Steiner
II. Blutzen
III. Kohel
IV. Laudo
V. Dojebon
VI. Breireicht
VII. Weimar
VIII. Haagen
IX. Mullenkedheim

The first two Knights (Blutzen, Pluto Knight II and Kohel, Pluto Knight III) are located in the same room as the Moogle. Speak to them and they will scurry out of the room to find the princess. Exit the room and travel northeast into the room with the square walkway.

There is Knight that will come running out of the hallway and down the stairs every so often. Catching him can be fairly difficult. He only comes running out when you run past one of the entry ways and can change directions randomly. You have to cut him off in order to catch him. This is Dojebon, Pluto Knight V.

Blutzen and Kohel in the first room
Dojebon running around in the next room

Take the exit on the bottom-right corner of the screen to find Mullenkedheim, Pluto Knight IX, standing in the Guest Room. Talk to him and then go back out to the room where Dojebon was running around and take the stairwell down to the lower level.

The doorway on the left leads to one side of the library and you will find Laudo, Pluto Knight IV, hiding towards the bottom-left corner of the room. That is 5 Knights so far.

Mullenkedheim located in the Guest Room
Laudo hiding in the library

Go back to the previous room (with the stairs) and take the exit towards the camera to find the Alexandria Castle Courtyard. Continue forward until you reach the fountain and dock area. Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII, is hanging around down by the water.

Head down the pathway to the left and speak to the Knight standing to the left of the doorway. This is Weimar, Pluto Knight VIII.

Haagen near the docks
Weimar hitting on another guard outside of the West Tower

West Tower

Go through the doorway into the West Tower and follow the hallway all the way to the back. Go up the stairs to find Breireicht, Pluto Knight VI, walking up slowly. Breireicht should be the last Pluto Knight and he should reward you with an Elixir. Travel all the way up to the top of the tower to continue the story.

Steiner in the halls of the West Tower
Breireicht providing the Elixir reward for completing the Knights of Pluto side quest

A short cutscene will trigger when Steiner reaches the top of the West Tower. You will regain control of Zidane aboard the M.S. Prima Vista in the Music Room. Make sure that you have equipped the Mage Masher dagger that you stole from Baku (Masked Man) in preparation for an upcoming battle.

Steiner on the roof ot the West Tower
Zidane chasing Princess Garnet through the M.S. Prima Vista

Follow Princess Garnet into the next room and speak with Ruby. Follow Princess Garnet down the stairs below where she politely asks Zidane to kidnap her from the Castle.

Turn around when you regain control of Zidane and select the option to “Turn wheel to the left” and “Turn wheel to the right”. This will cause two items to drop on the level below - a Phoenix Down and a Phoenix Pinion (which appears behind the engine). Go down to the lower level and pick both of the items up.

Zidane landing in Alexandria Castle next to the band
Zidane standing in front of the engine

Go through the doorway on the left side of the screen into the next room. It’s time for a battle against Steiner and two of the Pluto Knights.

Boss Battle: Steiner

Level: 1
HP: 169

Make sure to use the Steal command until you have stolen both items. Zidane, Blank and Cinna can all steal so it shouldn’t take too long. This fight is just as easy as the previous two against the Masked Man (Baku) and King Leo on the stage during the play. Use regular attacks until you bring him down.

Boss Battle against Steiner
Steiner running from Oglops

Leather Hat (common)
Silk Shirt (rare)

· (Nothing)

A video of the battle is included below:

There are a few more short cutscenes that take place back on the stage of the theater before the next battle starts.

Boss Battle: Steiner, Weimar, Haagen

Level: 1
HP: 167

Vivi and Princess Garnet join you for this next fight. Use Vivi’s Black Magic spell, Fire, and use Princess Garnet’s Cure spell to heal up your party if you need to. You can press the L1 Button to make the spell hit all of your party members.

Boss Battle against Steiner, Weimar and Haagan
Defeating Steiner

· (Nothing)

· (Nothing)

A few more cutscenes take place while the MS Prima Vista attempts to make an escape from Alexandria Castle. Time for one last battle against Steiner.

Boss Battle: Steiner, Bomb

Level: 1
HP: 165

Another standard fight - you can’t actually hit the Bomb so focus all of your attacks on Steiner.

Bomb during the FMV
Steiner with the Bomb behind him

· (Nothing)

· (Nothing)

The story continues once the ship crashes in the forest reaching the crash site in the Evil Forest.