Weapon and Armor Customization
Tips and Tricks

You gain the ability to customize your weapons and armor after Rikku joins your team and after you reach the town of Guadosalam. The game will provide you with a very generic overview of how to customize your equipment when it becomes available.

Customization can be used to add “auto-abilities” to your weapons and your armor if they happen to have open/empty ability slots. The items that you obtain throughout the game can be used as ingredients to add customizations, with more powerful and rare items enabling you to add much more powerful customizations to your equipped items.

Customizing equipment instructions

Adding customizations may change the overall nature of the item and may change the name of the item as well. It should be noted that while the customization may be permanent, no item or customization is so rare that you couldn’t purchase or obtain the raw materials to customize it again, so don’t worry about making mistakes.

Customizing equipment with the No-Encounters auto ability

Weapons and armor with empty ability slots tend to be more valuable and can be sold at shops for more gil. You can purchase empty three and four slot weapons and armor at some of the shops around town as well. Check out the “Best Armor” section for more details:

Finally, this page includes a list of all of the available weapon and armor customizations that you can obtain in alphabetical order:

Armor Weapons
Auto-Haste Alchemy
Auto-Med Break Damage Limit
Auto-Phoenix Capture
Auto-Potion Counterattack
Auto-Protect Darkstrike
Auto-Reflect Darktouch
Auto-Regen Deathstrike
Auto-Shell Deathtouch
Berserk Ward Double AP
Berserkproof Double Overdrive
Break HP Limit Evade & Counter
Break MP Limit Firestrike
Confuse Ward First Strike
Confuseproof Gillionaire
Curseproof Half MP Cost
Dark Ward Icestrike
Darkproof Initiative
Death Ward Lightningstrike
Deathproof Magic +3%
Defense +3% Magic +5%
Defense +5% Magic +10%
Defense +10% Magic +20%
Defense +20% Magic Booster
Fire Eater Magic Counter
Fire Ward No AP
Fireproof One MP Cost
HP +5% Overdrive → AP
HP +10% Piercing
HP +20% Poisonstrike
HP +30% Poisontouch
HP Stroll Sensor
Ice Eater Silencestrike
Ice Ward Silencetouch
Iceproof Sleepstrike
Lightning Eater Sleeptouch
Lightningproof Slowtouch
Magic Def +3% SOS Overdrive
Magic Def +5% Stonestrike
Magic Def +10% Stonetouch
Magic Def +20% Strength +3%
Master Thief Strength +5%
MP +5% Strength +10%
MP +10% Strength +20%
MP +20% Triple AP
MP +30% Triple Overdrive
MP Stroll Waterstrike
No Encounters Zombiestrike
Pickpocket Zombietouch
Poison Ward
Silence Ward
Sleep Ward
Slow Ward
SOS Haste
SOS NulBlaze
SOS NulFrost
SOS NulShock
SOS NulTide
SOS Protect
SOS Reflect
SOS Regen
SOS Shell
Stone Ward
Water Eater
Water Ward
Zombie Ward