Elements and Elemental Affinities
Tips and Tricks

Most of the Black Magic spells that you can cast in Final Fantasy X have some type of elemental affinity. They are based in either fire, water, lightning or ice. These spells will do more or less damage to enemies depending on whether those enemies are weak or resistant to a particular element of magic. The breakdown is as follows:

Color Element Weakness
Red Fire Ice
Yellow Lightning Water
Blue Water Lightning
White Ice Fire

You can use these affinities to you advantage by using spells that will do more damage. You can also customize your equipment to include auto-abilities that reduce the damage done from an element, nullify the damage, or even absorb the damage. For example:

Lightning Ward
Lightning Eater

Lulu elemental explanation

Non-Elemental Magic

Some Black Magic does not have an elemental affinity and will not be impacted by an enemies elemental affinity. These include magics such as:


The offensive capabilities of magic tend to dwindle as you reach the later stages of the game, but they can prove useful as you work your way through the story. Use the walkthrough and strategy guide section for information on elemental affinities of both fiends and bosses that you encounter.