Lightning Dodger

The Lightning Dodger side quest involves traveling back to the Thunder Plains and dodging as many lightning bolt strikes in a row as you can. Make sure that you have a piece of armor with the No Encounters auto-ability. Use the guide below for more information on how to customize some:

There is nothing on the screen to assist you with keeping track of how many lightning bolts you have dodged so it is advisable that you over estimate just to be sure. The prizes for dodging lightning bolts, including the Venus Sigil, appear in the treasure chest outside of Rin’s Travel Agency.

There is a secret area you can go to near the entrance of the Thunder Plains that has a huge crater just off to the left side of the screen. The lightning bolts will strike each time you enter the crater making the process of dodging them much more predictable.

Check out the video below for more information:

The prizes you can obtain include:

Lightning Dodges Effect
5 X-Potion (x2)
10 Mega-Potion (x2)
20 MP Sphere (x2)
50 Strength Sphere (x3)
100 HP Sphere (x3)
150 Megalixir (x4)
200 Venus Sigil

This challenge is considered one of the most difficult in the game. Good luck!

Receiving the Venus Sigil outside of Rin’s Travel Agency
Lightning Dancer

You will receive the Lightning Dancer Trophy if you successfully dodge 200 lightning bolts and open the chest near the Travel Agency. Pretty terrible that all you get is a Bronze trophy for this fairly difficult task…

Lightning Dancer Trophy