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Monster Arena > Species Conquest > Fafnir

HP: 1,100,000

Fafnir can be unlocked by capturing three of each Helm/Armored-type fiend which includes each of the following:

· Vouivre (Mi’ihen Highroad)
· Lamashtu (Mushroom Rock Road)
· Kusariqqu (Thunder Plains)
· Mushussu (Bikanel)
· Nidhogg (Stolen Fayth Cavern)

Fafnir will use a number of attacks that are element-based including Fire Breath, Ice Breath and Thunder Breath. You can protect your party members from these attacks by casting NulBlaze, NulShock and NulFrost on them. You can also cast Shell to reduce the damage from these attacks.

Aside from surviving the damage that Fafnir can do (which isn’t much if you’ve leveled your characters properly) there isn’t much in the way of strategy required for this fight.

You should consider power leveling your characters and obtaining the Celestial Weapons. Check out the Advanced section of the Tips and Tricks for more information. With properly leveled characters this fight is fairly easy.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Immune to sensors.”
Scan “Immune to scans.”

Gold Hourglass (x2) (common)
Stamina Spring (x2) (rare)

Light Curtain (x20) (common)
Dark Matter (rare)