Locations Bevelle

Bevelle is the largest city in Spira though you aren’t given the opportunity to explore very much of it. You will visit the Tower of Light and the Highbridge as well as the Bevelle Temple.

The opening cinematic of the city of Bevelle
The Highbridge in Bevelle

There are a number of portions that take place in the various areas of Bevelle. The first time you visit it is to interrupt the wedding of Maester Seymour to Yuna. Click on the link below for more information:

Later on, after being captured, the team is thrown into the Via Purifico which is a jail of sorts in the lower portions of Bevelle:

Finally, the story takes the team back to the Bevelle Highbridge after they have obtained the Airship:

With the exception of the Highbridge, these areas cannot be revisited after you have passed through for the first time.