Abolishing the Elemental Rule in Dollet
Triple Triad

The most frustrating rule to deal with when playing Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII is the Random rule which causes the game to pick a random set of cards from the ones you hold rather than allowing you to pick your own. Most players will take every effort to abolish this rule from Dollet and prevent it from spreading if at all possible (check out the “Abolishing the Random Rule” page for more details).

The Elemental rule, however, is much less annoying to deal with, but you may want to abolish that rule from Dollet if possible as well. The steps below allow you to do that.

Note that these steps must be completed during a visit to Dollet after the Forest Owl’s mission in Timber and the Queen of Cards needs to be located in Dollet. Check out the Queen of Cards side quest section for more information on how to move her to different cities if she is not there or scroll to the bottom of this page for an alternate strategy if the Queen of Cards is somewhere else.


Travel to Dollet and challenge the owner of the pub to a game of cards. The owner can be found on the second floor of the pub standing next to the Queen of Cards. He will give you access to his private room after you beat him at one single game of Triple Triad.

Entering the Dollet Hotel

You need to have the Galbadian card rules for the next step which you can pick up in Timber. Travel back to Timber by exiting the town and following the road.


Challenge the guard near the front gate to a game of Triple Triad by pressing the SquareButton. He will ask you if you would like to mix the rules that you have with those of Galbadia. Choose “no” every time until he stops asking if you’d like to mix the rules. You now have the Galbadia Triple Triad rules and can travel back to Dollet.

Approaching the Timber Guard to play a game of Triple Triad


Head back up into the pub and save your game using the Save Point on the second floor of the pub. The only way you’ll be able to see this hidden Save Point is if you have the Move-Find ability equipped from your Siren Guardian Force.

You now need to complete a “hard reset” of the game. A soft reset involves pressing:

StartButton, L1Button, L2Button, R1Button and R2Button

This will reset the game but it will not reset the Random Number Generator and will cause this trick not to work. Instead, you either need to power off the PlayStation 1 if you are playing the original game, or press the HomeButton if you are playing PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and selecting “Quit Game”/“Close Application”. Load up your save file inside the Dollet pub.

Entering the town square of Dollet

Enter the private room of the pub and examine the pile of magazines closest to the door exactly two times. Challenge the pub owner (sitting behind the table in the private room) to a game of cards. Accept his challenge but quit before the game begins. This should automatically abolish the “Elemental” rule in Dollet.

Entering the Dollet Hotel

No Queen of Cards

The strategy for abolishing the random rule in Dollet is exactly the same if the Queen of Cards is not in the city. Follow all of the steps above, except rather than examining the pile of magazines two times, examine it exactly three times. This should abolish the “Elemental” rule.