Fiend Listing - Monster Arena

Monster Arena > Omega Ruins > Machea

HP: 18,000

Machea is fairly easy to defeat. Its attacks are fairly powerful but it has no tricks up its sleeve besides hitting you with regular attacks.

These are the fiends that you will need to Bribe in order to obtain Chocobo Wings to add Auto-Haste to your armor.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Immune to sensors.”
Scan “Immune to scans.”

Hi-Potion (x2) (common)
Stamina Tonic (rare)

Mana Sphere (common)
Lv. 3 Key Sphere (rare)


Can be found anywhere along inside the Omega Ruins. They tend to be most abundant in the areas just north of the Save Sphere when you first enter the Omega Ruins.