Gemini (Club)
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HP: 36,000

Gemini is an “Iron Giant”-type enemy that can be found Inside Sin. You need to capture five of each Iron Giant-type enemy in order to unlock Ironclad in the Species Conquest section of the Monster Arena.

The write-up for Gemini (Club) and Gemini (Sword) are the same. You will fight both of them because they always attack in pairs.

There is no particularly complex strategy required to defeat them. The battle can be made easier though by using Armor Break on both of them.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Together they unleash Double Reaper. Focus your attacks to defeat one quickly.”
Scan “After receiving a certain amount of damage, they unleash a powerful synchronized attack, the Double Reaper. One absorbs lightning and fire, while the other absorbs water and ice.”

Light Curtain (common)
Light Curtain (x2) (rare)

Power Sphere (common)
Power Sphere (x2) (rare)


They can be found anywhere Inside Sin. There is also one set that you will battle in the Omega Ruins.