Sand Worm
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HP: 45,000

Sand Worms have a ton of HP and will take quite a while to defeat. They can also use a move called “Swallow” which will take one of your party members out of the battle for a few turns.

You can use Auron’s Overdrive, Shooting Star, to instantly defeat a Sand Worm though and greatly speed up the battle. Alternatively, have Wakka use Dark Attack or Dark Buster to inflict the Darkness status effect and greatly reduce the amount of damage that Sand Worm does. Lastly, you can have Lulu use Bio on the Sand Worm to do a ton of damage through Poison.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Watch out for Earthquake, which hits all. Inflict darkness to avoid its head butt.”
Scan “Watch out for its Earthquake, which hits all characters. If a character is Swallowed, he will be unavailable until the worm Regurgitates him back out. Try inflicting darkness and sleep.”

Shadow Gem (x2) (common)
Stamina Spring (x2) (rare)

Ability Spheres (common)
Lv. 1 Key Sphere (rare)


Can be found anywhere on Bikanel Island, but the best place to find them is to head back to the sign that says “weak enemies to the right, strong enemies to the left” (in Al Bhed) and head to the left.