Don Tonberry
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HP: 480,000

Don Tonberry is an Area Conquest enemy that can be unlocked by capturing all of the fiends in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Defeating Don Tonberry is one of the primary strategies involved when it comes to quickly leveling your characters. Check out the Quick Leveling page for additional information:

Don Tonberry’s most punishing attack is called Karma. It deals damage according to the following formula:

Damage = (Total Number of Enemies Defeated by Target) * 100

This means that characters that you have been playing with a lot, and who have managed to land the killing blown on a number of characters, will get hit for a ton of damage. Sometimes it can be for as much as 99,999 HP worth of damage.

Be prepared to deal with fairly regular KO’s during this fight. Make sure that your characters have the Auto-Phoenix auto-ability attached to their armor and a healthy compliment of Phoenix Downs for when your characters are KO’d.

Aside from Karma, this battle is just a matter of slowly grinding down Don Tonberry’s HP and does not require any additional strategies.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor Immune
Scan Immune

Candle of Life (x2) (common)
Designer Wallet (rare)

Farplane Wind (common)
Dark Matter (rare)