Limit Breaks

Slot - Selphie Tilmitt
Selphie using Slot and selecting the Do-Over option
Selphie using Full-cure

Selphie’s Limit Break is one of the easier ones to master. All you do is select either “Do Over" or “Cast” Selecting “Do Over" will cause another spell to be displayed while selecting “Cast" will cause the currently selected spell to be cast.

In the example shown in the screenshots to the right, Full-cure will be cast 1 time.

Selphie has many different spells in her arsenal that can be cast, but more importantly, she has 4 specific spells that can only be cast by using her Limit Break. Those spells are listed below.

Unique Spells:

Spell Effect
Full-cure Restores every party member’s HP to full.
Wall Casts Protect and Shell on all party members.
Rapture Throws enemies out of the battle. This spell does not work on bosses.
The End Instantly kills enemies in battle. This spell does not work on most bosses.