Limit Breaks

Duel - Zell Dincht
Combo on the screen for Dell’s Duel Limit Break
Dell using Duel on a T-Rexaur

Zell’s Limit Break is very similar to Tifa’s Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII. It allows you to select moves and stack up combos by performing the moves listed on the screen (see the screenshot to the right).

If you are finding it difficult to execute move combos in time you can always choose to have the game complete combos for you. You can continue using different Duel moves until the timer is up or until you use one of the finishing moves (note: most of the learned Limit break moves from reading Combat King Magazines are new finishing moves which are more powerful).

Zell starts off the game already knowing how to perform Punch Rush, Booya, Heel Drop, Mach Kick and the finishing move Burning Rave. Check the list below for information on where to find Zell’s other Limit Break moves.

Learned Limit Break Moves:

  • Dolphin Blow instructions Dolphin Blow
    Learned from: Combat King 001
    Effect: Regular attack. Combo: L1, R1, L1, R1
  • Meteor Strike instructions Meteor Strike
    Learned from: Combat King 002
    Effect: Regular attack. Combo: Down, Circle, Up, Circle
  • Meteor Barret instruction Meteor Barret
    Learned from: Combat King 003
    Effect: Finishing move. Combo: Up, X, Down, Triangle, Circle
  • Different Beat instructions Different Beat
    Learned from: Combat King 004
    Effect: Finishing move. Combo: Triangle, Square, X, Circle, X
  • My Final Heaven instructions My Final Heaven
    Learned from: Combat King 005
    Effect: Finishing move. Combo: Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle=