Elements and Statuses

Elem-Atk is a junction that your characters can gain access to if they have Guardian Force that has the Elem-Atk-J junction ability. There are no Elem-Atk-Jx2 or Elem-Atk-Jx4 abilities (like there are for Elem-Def-J) because this ability grants an element to your character’s physical attacks, and these physical attacks can’t hit with more than one element at the same time.

Its important to note that, while junctioning elemental magic to your character’s physical attacks can quite often be helpful and greatly increase damage done, some enemies absorb attacks with certain elements. For example, you would not want to equip Fire, Fira or Firaga to Elem-Atk when facing off against a Ruby Dragon as this will cause physical attacks to heal the dragon.

The following elements can be junctioned to Elem-Atk:

Element Magic
Earth Quake (100%)
Fire Fire (50%)
Fira (80%)
Firaga (100%)
Flare (80%)
Holy Holy (100%)
Ice Blizzard (50%)
Blizzara (80%)
Blizzaga (100%)
Poison Bio (100%)
Thunder Thunder (50%)
Thundara (80%)
Thundaga (100%)
Water Water (100%)
Wind Aero (80%)
Tornado (100%)