Traveling to Kalm

World Map

You have escaped from Midgar and found yourself on the World Map of Final Fantasy VII for the first time. At this point in the game there is nothing that can be done on the World Map aside from heading directly to the town of Kalm.

That being said, you may encounter an enemy called a Sweeper Custom (shown in the screenshot below). Sweeper Customs can use a move called Mantra Magic on your party which is a move that can be learned using the Enemy Skill Materia. Mantra Magic is actually a fairly powerful move for you to have in your arsenal at this point in the game and you can use it to clear groups of enemies with lower HP.

In addition to that, you can also steal an Atomic Scissors gun from them, which is a great upgrade for Barret. It is a melee-based weapon rather than a long-range weapon though so it does have its drawbacks.

Midgar from the World Map
Battle against a Sweeper Custom

Kalm is just on the outskirts of Midgar. You will be able to see it if you rotate your camera enough (using the R1, L1, R2, L2) buttons. Use the map below as well as the mini-map on your screen to help you find the way. Press the Select Button to bring up the map. Travel to Kalm once you are ready to proceed.

The team in the outskirts of the slums just outside Midgar
Midgar form the world map

The Town of Kalm

The story and conversations will continue as soon as you step forward in to the town. Before you enter the Inn though to meet up with the rest of your team there are three shops that you should check out in the northwest section of town.

Entrance to Kalm

These shops include the Item Store and the combination Materia/Weapon Stores. You can purchase Earth Materia and Heal Materia in the Materia store but both are lackluster purchases and are a waste of your gil. There are a ton of new weapons available in the store including:

Mythril Saber
Cannon Ball
Mythril Claw
Full Metal Staff

You can also purchase Mythril Armlets from the Weapon Store but you likely already have armor that is stronger than these.

There are a few scattered items throughout town which you should pickup as well. Enter the first house on the left shown in the screenshot below. There is an Ether in the door underneath the staircase.

First house in Kalm
Ether under the staircase

Enter the next house over (the middle house shown in the screenshot below). The cabinet next to the two beds on the second floor of the house contains another Ether.

House in the middle of Kalm
Ether in the cupboard

Enter the third house furthest on the right. The closet next to the little girl on the second floor has a Guard Source inside of it.

There is also a spiral staircase at the back of this house. The staircase leads to a room that contains a treasure chest with a Peacemaker inside. The Peacemaker is a long range weapon for a character that you do not have in your party yet named Vincent.

Second doorway in Kalm
Ether in Kalm

The entrance to the last house is located on the east side of town. Go inside and check the door underneath the staircase to find another Ether.

With all these Ethers that you have picked up you will certainly not be running out of MP any time soon. Keep in mind as well that Ethers can be sold for quite a bit of cash (750 gil). Sell them if you need to as you will find more throughout your travels.

Ether in the third house
Peacemaker weapon

Enter the Inn once you are done to continue the story. The door to the Inn is back near the entrance to Kalm and your team is up on the second floor.

During the flashback scenes you will be thrown into a battle against a Dragon with Sephiroth. You cannot die or lose this battle so don’t worry about any of the actions you have Cloud perform.

Cloud and Sephiroth on the way to Nibelheim
Cloud and Sephiroth battling a Dragon

Once Cloud, Sephiroth and the other Shinra Soldiers arrive in Nibelheim you can wander over to Tifa’s house and to Cloud’s house. You can choose to play the piano in Tifa’s house - make sure that you choose to “jam on it” as this is required to obtain an Elemental Materia later on in the game.

The flashback scene in Nibelheim
Jamming on the Piano in Tifas house

There is also a flashback scene once you enter Cloud’s house involving his mother. Follow Sephiroth into the Nibelheim Inn once you are done. You can find him on the second floor. Talk to him twice to continue the story and choose to “get some sleep”.

Getting some sleep with Sephiroth in Kalm
Departing for Mount Nibel

The story resumes in the morning with Tifa acting as the guide for the Shinra Soldiers. It is time to begin the ascent up to the reactor in Mount Nibel. Thankfully the game takes care of most of the walking for you but you will be trekking through this area again in no time.

Mako Reactor at the top of Mount Nibel
Sephiroth in the Mount Nibel Reactor

Follow the trail along once you are given control of Cloud and the rest of the party. The rest of the flashback involves talking to Sephiroth and completing actions as the game suggests (turning off valves, looking into the pod, etc.)

Entering Mount Nibel area with Tifa and Sephiroth
The Materia Fountain during the Kalm flashback

You will regain control of Cloud once it is time to explore the Shinra Mansion. Climb the stairs to the second floor and take the pathway leading to the right. There is a bookcase that will disappear as you approach it in this room (shown in the screenshot below).

Cloud at the entrance to the Shinra Mansion
The secret bookcase in the Shinra Mansion

Go through the pathway and down the spiral walkway. Follow the pathway along and you will find Sephiroth in a room near the end of the pathway reading about Professor Gast, Jenova and his past.

If you approach Sephiroth after the short cutscene he will tell you to just let him be alone. As soon as you leave the room the cutscenes will continue. Go back down into the basement after Cloud wakes up.

The stairwell in the Shinra Mansion
Sephiroth in the library in the basement of the Shinra Mansion

Follow Sephiroth back up towards Nibelheim - the entire town is now ablaze. Try to run into the house on the right after you speak with Zangan to continue the story.

The fire in Nibelheim

The story then continues in the interior of the Nibel Reactor. Follow the pathway along until you find Tifa and then follow her into the chamber in the back. Proceed up into the antechamber for another cool cutscene.

Sephiroth meeting his mother, Jenova
Jenova cinematic

After the cutscenes have concluded the game will return to your team on the second floor of the Kalm Inn. There are a few more lines of dialogue from the team before you can leave…

Best Bromance

Dialogue during this section of the game will influence the Gold Saucer Date side quest and obtaining the Best Bromance Trophy.

When Barret leaves the second floor and tells Cloud to get a move on:

“Wait a sec” No change
“Beautiful, just beautiful!” + 3 to Barret
“Is that all?” - 1 to Barret
“Right” + 1 to Barret

If you are looking to obtain the Best Bromance Trophy, select “Wait a sec” so that you can then select “Beautiful, just beautiful!” for the second option as it is worth the most points.

Barret just beautiful
Best Bromance Trophy Icon

Cloud will be provided with a “PHS” which will allow you to change your party members any time you are on the world map or at a Save Point.

Go back up to the second floor after you receive the PHS and look in the cabinet. You will receive a message saying “Can’t reach it…” when you attempt to open it, but try a total of five times and Cloud will kick the cabinet to knock the item down, netting you one free Megalixir.

Received a PHS
Picking up a Megalixir before you leave Kalm

The team doesn’t really specify which direction they are now headed but the only place you can really travel to is the Chocobo Farm. If you are planning on obtaining the Best Bromance Trophy though you should adjust your party from the World Map and re-enter Kalm before leaving this area as outlined in the info box below…

Best Bromance

Returning to Kalm for some interactions during this section of the game will influence the Gold Saucer Date side quest and obtaining the Best Bromance Trophy.

There is a woman in the house to the right of the Kalm Inn. Speaking to the woman in Kalm who says that Mako energy is convenient, answer with:

“Yeah, maybe” - 2 to Barret if he is in your party
- 1 to Aeris if she is in your party
- 1 to Tifa if she is in your party
+ 1 to Yuffie if she is in your party
“You’re full of it” + 2 to Barret if he is in your party
+ 1 to Aeris if she is in your party
+ 1 to Tifa if she is in your party
- 1 to Yuffie if she is in your party

There is a woman on the second floor of the same building. Speaking to the girl upstairs who thinks that the old life is better, answer with:

Kalm Mako energy discussion
“Yeah, maybe” + 2 to Barret if he is in your party
+ 1 to Aeris if she is in your party
+ 1 to Tifa if she is in your party
- 1 to Yuffie if she is in your party
“No way” - 2 to Barret if he is in your party
- 1 to Aeris if she is in your party
- 1 to Tifa if she is in your party
+ 1 to Yuffie if she is in your party

If you plan to obtain the Best Bromance trophy, your best strategy in answering these questions is to remove Tifa and Aeris from your party and answer the woman’s question with “You’re full of it” and the girl’s question with “Yeah, maybe”.

Old life discussion in Kalm
Best Bromance Trophy Icon