Behemoth King
Fiend Listing - Monster Arena

Monster Arena > Inside Sin > Behemoth King

HP: 67,500

The most difficult aspect of the battle against Behemoth King is the final counterattack that it will use when it is defeated. Behemoth King will use “Meteor” as its final attack which will do a ton of damage. It’s quite often a good idea to just use Flee and run away rather than risk seeing the “Game Over” screen.

There are two methods that you can use to get around this. You can have Yuna summon an Aeon to take the final blow. Alternatively, you can defeat Behemoth King using Counterattack or Evade & Counter which won’t trigger Meteor. Just have that same character that has the auto-ability on their weapon use Provoke on Behemoth King to force it to attack the right party member.

Kimahri can use Lancet on a Behemoth King to learn Mighty Guard for his Ronso Rage Overdrive.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Retaliates with Meteor when defeated.”
Scan “Its claw, lightning, and Heave attacks are deadly. Watch out for the Meteor it casts when it dies. Cast Protect or defend with the (triangle) button to survive. Kimahri can learn Mighty Guard.”

Healing Spring (common)
Twin Stars (x2) (rare)

Power Sphere (common)
Lv. 3 Key Sphere (rare)


They can be found anywhere Inside Sin. They tend to be more and more abundant the closer you get to the end boss.